Family Locator App – 3 Easy Ways to Locate your family in no time!

Parents keep the safety of their child above everything and the horrifying stats of child abduction make them even more scared. According to stats, every 40 seconds, a child is kidnaped in the U.S. Obviously, you can’t house arrest your kid just to ensure they are safe. You have to let them go out for a number of reasons. On the other hand, it becomes difficult for parents to keep tabs on their kids’ location every time they step out of the house, because of the hustle-bustle of daily routines. They either have to make innumerable calls or leave them text messages just to know where are they. The situation gets pathetic if the kid doesn’t reply on time because of any reason say zero-credit, dead battery or anything else. But now the problem has been resolved because of the advent of family locator Apps.


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How Family Locator Apps can Help

Advanced family locator app such as FamilyTime locator app bring ease in the tracking and lets you track your family using a virtual map, even on the go. The app not only gives their current location but tracks the complete location-history too. To know more about the app, read on and explore its features:

1. Virtual Location Tracking:

The family locator apps are based on virtual maps that allow you to see all the places. Once you add your family members in the Watchlist, the app lets you track all the places they visited along with the time and address details. This is one basic functionality that is part of almost every tracking app, but if you have some advanced app installed, you can also track location-history for past months.

2. Track location-history:

If, for any reason, you need to know the frequency of your teen or other kid visiting one particular place, you can track it through the location-history that keeps the tracking data for months. You can check if the place is good or bad for them and can always stay notified when does your kid visits the place again. This can be done with the third innovative feature being offered by FamilyTime app, i.e. Geo-fence Locations.


3. Geo-fence locations:

Geo-fencing is all about creating a virtual fence around locations they visit most to receive auto check-ins and check-out alerts. This helps you stay in the know with your kids’ whereabouts all the time and stay posted about when they enter or exit the places you have Geo-fenced.

Does this sounds like a wish came true right? You can download this app any time from iTunes and Google play and use it on all versions of iPhones, Android, and Kindle devices.

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Stay Notified, Stay Relaxed!

Staying notified is the peace of mind. You can always stay posted about your family’s location and bring this peace to your mind using the advanced family locator app such as FamilyTime. Stay relaxed, stay notified and enjoy parenting!

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