5 ways in which parents can help their child prepare for a government exam

It can be challenging for the parents to stand by their children and watch them go through the hardship of preparing for any government or competitive exams. Exams can become more challenging to the students if they do not take care of their health and study for long night sessions without taking proper rest in the remaining time of the day. In the rigorous course of preparation, students may not be able to follow a strict routine of maintaining good health and preparing for the exam at the same time.

But guardians and parents have to stand by their side and guide them on the right path. It is quite obvious that parents cannot take the exam stress from the children, but they can definitely make out ways in which they can try to reduce the exam stress. But it is also normal for the parents to be anxious when their children are preparing for any competitive or government exams. Some of the methods are enlisted further in which parents can help students prepare for government exams such as Gate, IIT, and other competitive exams.


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1. Try to create a supportive atmosphere

  • Parents should know well how to create a supportive a healthy atmosphere for the students such that they are able to seek utmost concentrative and relief from it.
  • It shall further help them to carry on with the preparation.
  • The attitude of parents is crucial, and they should try to have control over their calmness.
  • Never give additional stress to your children when the exam is knocking at the door.
  • Develop a keen eye to find out the stress point of your children and ask how you can help them.

2. Try to encourage your children

Adopting better habits would help them feel better and carry out with their preparation easily. It shall further help them to stay focused and continue with long study sessions without any hindrance. Always try to give them positive advice about their career and the exam they are planning to appear.

Do not bring up any negative discussion when the exam is nearing. In addition, you should also encourage your children to take breaks which are important in between long study hours. It would help them to relax for some time and prevent the fatigue nature of the brain. It would also help them to enhance the power of the memory. You should not force them to study all through the day as it is a bad practice.

3. Prepare a balanced routine for students

You should try to encourage your children to adopt healthy food habits and lifestyle habits. Even if you are not at home, you can try to send them a care package that would help them motivate. In addition, the student should have a proper sleep along with exercising and engaging in sports as these are highly beneficial during exam time. You should try to introduce an ample amount of vegetables and fruits in your children”s diet such that they get adequate nutrition and hydration.

4. Try to monitor your children’s progress

Though your children are taking help from coaching classes to prepare for examination such as IIT, Gate, and others, you should keep a regular watch about your children”s progress. You should try to evaluate them well. Also, for most of the government exams, students have to go through a personal interview and group discussion round. As a parent, you can try to discuss random current affair topic with your children such that they are able to improve their vocabulary as well as their speech quality. Check that your children are revising and practicing the important topic constantly.

Other than this, you can provide your children with the latest news articles and newspaper since they do not get much time in the strict time schedule.  Discussing the topics of current affairs with your parents would help to improve your quality well. You can also ask your children to get all their doubts clear from the classes. You should also discuss more the weakness of your children such as they are able to get rid of them easily and prepare easily for the exams. Try to make a suitable schedule for your children, such that you are able to utilize the time judiciously.

5. Help them set a clear goal and achieve the same

You should encourage your children to set their goal early in life such that they can plan accordingly. If your children are aiming to appear for any government exam, then suggest the one that is suitable for them. Whether they are aiming for IIT, Medical exams, Gate preparation and other exams, they should know their potential well before starting to prepare for the same. The students should know to utilize their capability.

His goal should be set in the initial time such that he does not spend time preparing for more than one exam at the same time. This can hamper his focus and result from it he might fail to qualify for any single exam. Continue to encourage your children to move on their planned route and cheer them up constantly. In addition, parents should also let their children know that parents are proud of their children’s effort.

Wrapping it up

Other than the above-mentioned ways in which parents can help students to prepare for any competitive exam including the government exam, they also need to keep a check that their children are not much indulged into using gadgets during the exams. Instead of engaging in social media platforms, they should encourage their children to get engaged in something creative in due course of preparing for the exam.

Both tutorials and parents play an important role in setting and achieving the desired goal of every student. They should become the support system for their children such that they are able to handle their tension and overcome the stress during the preparation for the exams. Try to keep motivated all through.

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