The Best Apple Inspired Gift Ideas

Everybody knows at least one person who made the leap to the new iPhone X this year. For you, it may be your oldest friend from high school, a co-worker, or your cousin, but it doesn’t matter. Now that they have Apple’s latest flagship in their hand, they’re going to be the easiest person on your list to cross off. A brand-new handset presents huge gift-giving opportunities, and you’re ready to take advantage of them all. The only problem is where to start. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your choice of Apple-themed gifts only an X owner could love, look no further: here are the best accessories you could get them this holiday.

Gadget finders

Most people suffer from acute arrhythmia when their phone goes missing for a few minutes. Now imagine the strength of those heart murmurs when the lost phone cost you $999. To save your friend a heart attack when they misplace their X, get them a gadget finder.

A gadget finder like Tile Sport uses Bluetooth to simplify the search for these important devices. It comes with a convenient notch, so it hangs on their keyring. In synching with their phone, they can use the X to locate their keys. If it’s the X that’s gone, they can press a button on the finder itself, and it will cause their handset to ring — even if it was set to silent. While most hunts will reveal the X slipped between couch cushions, the Tile Sport comes with access to the Tile community, which helps them find their stuff should it be a little further away.


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iPhone X skins

While it is the darling of the tech world at the moment, the iPhone X isn’t completely infallible. One tech company calls it the, “most breakable, highest-priced most expensive to repair iPhone, ever”. With a review like that, you don’t want your friend to suffer from a broken phone, so help them protect the it with a customized iPhone X wrap. On its own, an iPhone wrap covers up the glass backing and delicate bezels to camouflage any cosmetic damages, and its scratch-free, grime resistant surface stops any more from happening — including smudges.

For more serious damages, the designers behind dbrand skins have created a carbon composite Grip case to beef up the protection behind their wraps. That means you can design cool wraps for the iPhone X from dbrand that work with patented impact technology to keep your friend’s handset safe.

Wireless charging pads

The X is the first iPhone to have wireless charging capabilities. While this a gigantic leap forward for Apple, this isn’t exactly new to the rest of the mobile world. That’s a good thing for your friend, since Apple won’t release its official AirPower pad until sometime in 2018. You can get them a charging pad for all their wireless charging needs until that day happens.

There are a lot of wireless charging options available, and you can peruse a list like this one to see which ones are considered the best. But if your friend prefers Apple’s minimalist look, you’ll want to consider the Kaci QI Wireless Charger. Its three charging ports are compatible with the iPhone X as well as a variety of other devices. Combined with two USB ports, it could charge five phones simultaneously. More importantly, they’ll look like they were sponsored by Apple as they do it.

Wireless Headphones

Since Apple removed the headphone jack back in the 7-series, your friend won’t have to wait for a sponsored product. The Cupertino-based tech company already has a set of branded in-ear wireless headphones. That doesn’t mean they’re the best quality wireless headphones available.

If your friend is struggling to enjoy their jams with Apple’s EarPods, leave a set of Bose SoundSport wireless headphones under the tree. Their in-ear design provides a more secure, ergonomic fit than Apple’s, especially during workouts. The SoundSport is also capable of noise cancellation and volume optimization EQ to provide a clearer, more balanced sound quality to their playlists.

The bottom line?

While your friend gave themselves the biggest gift of them all by purchasing the X, you won’t be overshadowed by their upgrade. In fact, they’ve done you a favor. Now that they have the X, you have so many opportunities to piggyback on their brand-new handset. There are a lot of ways to improve their smartphone. Whether it’s with a customized iPhone wrap or a wireless charging pad, you can be their hero by solving their generation’s glitches.

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