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Are you in quest of monitoring software to track the mobile phone of someone else? There are scores of mobile phone tracking applications that let the users spy on the mobile phone activities of their families and business personnel. Of those, we have reviewed here the popular spy apps for android. The spy application is particularly designed for parents, spouses and employers to supervise the mobile phone activities of their children, partners and employees. Loaded with hundreds of features, the app lets you track Android phone use and control certain functionalities of the targeted phone.


How does Monitoring Software Work?

The monitoring software needs to be downloaded and installed on the compatible Android phone of your target i.e., your kids, employees or significant other. Immediate after the installation, the Android tracking app starts fetching the information stored on the phone such as the photos, messages, contacts and call history. Then it uploads the accessed data to an online account from where the end-user can view and download it. The spy app is also operated from that account to make it execute certain commands.

What are the Features?

The Android tracking app offers numerous features to spy on the Android mobile phones of children and employees. We have rounded up here the main features of the spy app. Take a look!

Read Messages

The Android tracking app lets you monitor the text and multimedia messages received and sent from the monitored Android phone. Parents can read the messages of their children, spouses can track the messages of their fickle partners and employers can monitor the messages of their customer service teams. The app shows you the message body, message time and contact number of message sender and receiver.

Track Calls

The call recording is equally beneficial for parents and employers. While it allows parents to listen to the secretive calls of children, the employers can track the phone calls of their customer care teams. TheOneSpy allows the end-user to record the incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted phone and download the call recordings from the online account.

Monitor Social Media

Social media has become the significant part of our lives. Monitoring the social media accounts of children enables parents to safeguard them from the online threats. The Android surveillance app allows spying on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Telegram, Skype and other prevalent instant messengers and social networking apps. You can read the messages and view media files exchanged through these apps.

Monitor Web Activities

The unmanaged internet access can have horrible consequences. You can monitor the internet activities of your children and employees with the spy app. It accesses the internet browsing history and shows the time and frequency of visiting each website. However, the spy app does not allow blocking objectionable and unwanted websites.

Emails and Keylogs

The employers can remotely monitor the emails received and sent by their workers through the targeted phones. The Android tracking software also accesses the keylogs applied to the targeted phone. It includes the keylogs of username, passwords and email addresses. These keystrokes can be used to log into the online accounts of children and workers to detect clues of misconduct.

Screen Recording

As depicted by the name, the screen recording feature of the spy app lets you record the screen of the targeted phone. You can see whatever appears on mobile phone screen of your children or employees. The app can also record the lock screen of the target phone to let you get the passcode of the phone. Also, the screen recording lets you record activities performed on social media apps and other apps installed on the phone.

View Media Files

Have you seen the photos saved on the mobile phone of your teens? The spy app lets you see all those photos, videos and audios right on the spy app account. You can see the images captured from the targeted phone or received from some other source. It also shows you the deleted and hidden photos which can also be downloaded.

Track GPS Location

The location tracking feature of the monitoring software enables parents to identify the current location of their children. Moreover, the app shows the location history and allows marking safe and unsafe areas. Once you mark certain locations to prevent your children from entering those areas the app will notify you if your kid crosses the boundaries.

Control Mobile Apps

The monitoring app lets you control the mobile phone applications installed on the targeted Android phone. You can start, pause, block, unblock, install or uninstall the app. Also, you can remotely lock and unlock the phone and block texting and internet access during rash driving.

Manage Phonebook

The Android surveillance app lets you monitor and manage the contact saved on the targeted phone. You can see these contacts and manage the phonebook by inserting new contacts and deleting unwanted contacts. The app also lets you know if a contact is saved with a wrong name.

What are Positive Points?

  • It allows spying on popular social media apps and messengers.
  • It offers call recording and call interception.
  • It offers a broader range of features than other monitoring apps.

What are Negative Points?

  • Some features work only on the rooted Android phone.
  • It does not allow web filtering on mobile phones.

Which Phone is Compatible?

The compatible Android phone brands include Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola and many others. The supported Android OS versions are 2.3 to 7.1.

What is the Price?

The price of the monitoring software is based on the subscription period and selected features. Presently, there are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual subscriptions of the app varying with package plans. The Android Lite package costs around $18 per month whereas the premier package costs around $50 per month. You can also check this review post of TheOneSpy to know more about it


TheOneSpy is an inexpensive monitoring solution suitable for those who do not need top-notch surveillance software. It is intended for parents and employers to monitor the digital behavior and mobile phone use of children and workforce.

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