Grow Your Brand and Widen Your Audience: 6 TikTok Marketing Tips That Work


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At a first glance, TikTok might seem like just another fun social media network to share short, catchy video content with friends. However, the Chinese platform is a lot more than that.

With its ever-growing user base, TikTok can provide companies with innovative and effective tools to increase brand visibility and product sales. Popular companies, like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Chipotle to name a few, have started running successful TikTok marketing campaigns using the app.

Small businesses are also looking at TikTok to boost their exposure and grow their customer base. Do you want to be one of them? Then read on to find out the five best TikTok marketing tips that can truly help your company thrive.

1. Spend Some Time Learning How to Use the Platform

It may sound a bit obvious, but it”s a very important part. If you want to start using TikTok for your marketing campaigns, it”s crucial that you invest some time into finding out everything about the app, and how to make the most of it for your specific needs.

You can easily find many tips and guidance online on how to achieve this. To begin with, why not look at how to download a TikTok video? Visit to learn more.

2. Become a Hashtag Hero

As you surely know, any social media platform is driven by powerful, effective hashtags. From Instagram to Twitter, from Pinterest to LinkedIn, hashtags are one of the most crucial features to make your content stand out while at the same time discover related and relevant users to engage with.

TikTok thrives on the great use of hashtags. So, if you are serious about making the most of this tool for marketing purposes, you should begin by finding out what the most popular and pertinent hashtags are, and incorporate them into your video content.

3. Tap Into the Power of Influencers

Influencer marketing is a very powerful weapon for any brand, whether big or small. Think about it: it”s essentially like speaking to a good friend who recommends a product or service that they found great for them. It”s the new word-of-mouth for the digital age, and its extreme effectiveness is making it more and more appealing to companies worldwide.

Originally, social media influencers used to populate mainly Instagram and YouTube. Nowadays, though, they are gradually moving onto TikTok, attracted by the platform”s fun features, user-friendliness, and unmatched growth rates.

Want to get in touch with a TikTok influencer but aren”t quite sure where to start? No problem. The platform offers a really useful tool to browse influencers and content and to contact them if you”re interested in a collaboration. Easy, quick, and efficient.

4. Pick Your Niche

In marketing, many people are still arguing whether choosing a niche is effective or not to boost your brand”s success. On social media marketing, though, things work a bit differently.

Because an effective social media marketing strategy is all about hashtags and trending topics, it goes without saying that you”ll be more successful if you also select a specific niche to share your content with.

What exactly are you aiming to achieve? What type of customers do you think might be interested in your company the most, and how can you get to them with great video content? Invest some time into browsing TikTok, looking at what your competitors do, and working out how you can offer your customers something unique and valuable that isn”t being offered at the moment.

If you share high-quality, consistent, themed content, any interested user will be able to find you more easily, connect with your brand, and ultimately be more inclined to discover and buy your products.

5. Post Engaging Content Regularly

What is the single most crucial keyword on TikTok? “Trends”. Trending topics can change very quickly, as new ones emerge and take over. And as you are trying to stay on top of these rapid shifts, you also want to create and publish video content that can bring your brand straight into the conversation.

The most successful TikTok users and influencers post daily, sometimes more than once a day — that”s just how quickly some trends come and go. And if you want to stay competitive and relevant in such a challenging landscape, then you”ve got to up your game, too.

Make it your mission to create punchy video content with regularity, and post it by using the correct hashtags that will earn you the right visibility.

6. Communicate With Your Audience

All the hard work you”ve put into your TikTok marketing strategy so far wouldn”t pay off if you skipped this all-important bit: interacting with other users. Posting great, fun, memorable videos and staying on top of all the trending hashtags and topics is not enough. You also want to find ways to engage with your audience.

Make sure you prompt your followers to comment on your posts, ask them to provide feedback and suggestions and respond to their comments and messages in a quick, friendly, and reliable way. If you want to take user engagement to the next level, you could even run regular polls, challenges, or other interactive ways to keep your audience interested and involved.

Engaging your audience has a double power: it presents your brand as genuine, approachable, and professional, while at the same time encouraging your audience to explore your product offering.

Harness the Power of TikTok Marketing to Help Your Brand Excel

Understanding the value that TikTok marketing can bring to your brand is fundamental to making the most of this platform. By using TikTok to create and post engaging content, and interact with other users, you can increase your brand visibility and boost sales.

Simply follow our easy, smart tips and you”ll soon realize how much potential this great platform can have for your business.

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