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While many students spend summer resting and recuperating from arduous academic pursuits, high school All Stars are preparing their college applications and college essays. Most applications are submitted online, and you can find an affordable Internet Service Provider (ISP) using But before you hit that submit button, there are tools to help you prepare your application and position your enrollment in the best possible light. When it comes to college applications, my three favorite apps are College Passport , Scholly , and College Application Organizer.

College Passport

Rated a 4+ on iTunes, College Passport is compatible with all Apple devices. The Edupath app is touted for its college search, undergraduate admissions, SAT and ACT information. Students can create a list of schools, pull up the contact information, and even take prep quizzes and other test prep practice tests for the big exam. In addition to all of this, the app provides quotes and advice from students at the various colleges you may be considering. Users can also browse different majors and class requirements. The best part is College Password is free.


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Scholly is a mobile and web app to match students with scholarship opportunities. Accessible via web browser, iOS and Android devices, Scholly was created by Christopher Gray after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank and costs only $0.99. The app makes it easier to search for college loans, grants and scholarships that has helped students win over $35 Million in scholarship awards. With Scholly, you can find scholarships meant for you, meet deadlines, apply and track your status and get invaluable advice along the way.

College Application Organizer

The College Application Organizer it typically sold at $19.99, but it does go on sale on occasion for as low as $4.99. When the app first came out it had some bugs, but I am thrilled with the updates. The Kenneth Friedman product allows students to keep track of their open applications, due dates, and submission requirements. With the complexity of college applications and the large amount of documentation to be submitted, it is nice to have an app to keep things organized and in one place.

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