How Much Better Can Resolution Get? Find Out

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is blowing the competition out of the water with this color and resolution. If you haven’t seen one of these devices yet, you soon will. And you’ll want one. You’ll want it bad. In simple terms, everything just looks better when it’s on the screen of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Videos, movies, images, the new Snapchat notification you just received. But things don’t just look better. There are other innovations available here, too.

One of my favorite aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the fact that the display still looks great in full sunlight. This brings to mind days of old when this technology didn’t exist. I remember trying to play a first-gen Gameboy, which was basically unusable if the place where you were standing had anything but moderate light. Too dark and you couldn’t see a thing. Too bright and the image disappeared entirely on the non-backlit screen. The next generation will never have to remember such difficulties, as this the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks great in all light, no mean feat given the fact that this doesn’t drain your battery very fast at all.

There’s also functionality that I can only describe as panoramic selfie mode. Basically, if you’re trying to take a picture of you and yours, using the standard selfie format, you aren’t limited to the image range that you can capture with a typical device, using the full length of your stubby little arms. The camera in the Edge is such that you can get a much wider range of image, without distorting the image as a standard panoramic mode usually does. Once you’ve recorded these images, they’ll look better than any other photos you’ve ever taken on a handheld mobile device. It’s cliche to say that these devices are changing the world, but with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, there’ll be no denying it.

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