A Consolidated Collection of Prep Materials for Microsoft Exam 70-740: Books, Exam Dumps, Courses, Etc

With the growing number of IT applicants, you should endlessly aim for professional advancement and career growth. And you can do so by adding in-demand certifications to your profile, including the credentials offered by the IT giant, Microsoft. But the thing is – certifications are extremely challenging (not to mention, a bit pricey!). So before you plan to get certified, you should be more than 100% ready to pursue this extensive yet fulfilling journey.

Becoming a Certified MCSA: Windows Server 2016

Exam-labs.com the path of earning a Microsoft certification entails lots of sacrifices. But all these sacrifices will soon be worth it once you obtain a top-notch validation like that of an MCSA: Windows Server 2016. First of all, this certification calls for the completion of three exams. These include exams 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.


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As the first requisite to acquire your MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, exam 70-740 is highly important. And of course, you can’t pass this test with just simple understanding or plain flipping of pages. You seriously need to inculcate the exam objectives into your heart and mind. A profound comprehension of the topics will make everything much easier and effective! For reference, Microsoft makes available the official list of subjects measured in exam 70-740 on their website. This mainly focuses on the installation, implementation, and storage of Windows Server 2016 functions, which include setting up servers & workloads, managing images, implementing storage solutions, and executing deduplication. Moreover, the exam concentrates on issues such as Window containers, Hyper-V, VM settings, failover clustering, high availability, and server installations.

Beefing up your preparation with the best exam materials

Exam Ref 70-740 (January 2017)

Get this amazing material from Microsoft Press Store and start prepping for your exam! You have three options to choose from: book only at $39.99, eBook at $31.99, and book & eBook bundle at $43.19. Whatever your choice, this significant book provides real-world comprehension of Windows Server 2016 through an all-embracing discussion of exam objectives by chapter. Additionally, what-if scenarios are provided so you can evaluate the level of your understanding and decision-making.

Instructor-led course 20740A

For a more guided learning, take advantage of the expert-led training presented by Microsoft. This course runs up to 5 days, either in a classroom or a remote set up. It is highly recommended for applicants to avail this one if they want intensive training led by a Microsoft expert. And since this course is completed with the aid of a trainer, this means you can conveniently ask questions as well as discuss anything related to the exam.

Online self-paced training

If time does not permit you to enroll in the 5-day instructor-led course, you still have another option. Don’t miss the online training courses for exam 70-740, which include INF 211x: Windows Server 2016 (Infrastructure), INF 213x: Windows Server 2016 (Fundamental Storage) and INF 215x: Windows Server 2016 (Virtualization). These three courses are major tools in unlocking more wisdom about the exam subjects.

MCSA 70-740 Cert Guide (June 2017)

Continue learning with this imperative tool from Pearson IT Certification. This specially-designed cert guide goes over the official 70-740 exam topics through a succession of discussions and end-of-chapter quizzes. And aside from the quizzes, this one contains video lessons that will further help you identify areas that need more practice. The MCSA 70-740 Cert Guide is authored by Anthony J. Sequeira, a renowned IT expert and consultant with in-depth experience in complex Microsoft and Cisco technologies.

Exam-Labs’ free and premium files

Practice with realistic exam questions from Exam-Labs’ collection of online materials. This superior exam dumps” website refines your exam abilities through their free and premium dumps. On top of exam dumps, they also present some online courses and exam guides to improve both your conceptual knowledge and technical skills as well as increase the retention of exam subjects. If you want all three online materials, get their 70-740 Premium Bundle for just $24.99!

Official practice test

Another notable investment for your impending exam 70-740 is the official Microsoft practice exam, which is a timed assessment of your Windows Server 2016 skills. The price, however, may be pricier. Still, at $99 to $109, you’ll be able to exercise your technical proficiency and magnify your knowledge before your scheduled assessment.

Microsoft online community

Gain advice and insights from peers by joining the top-rated Microsoft Training and Certification Community. Here, you’ll not just acquire training resources and preparation hints from IT professionals but also widen your professional market. On the other hand, there’s also the Microsoft Certification Study Group, which keeps you up to the date with the changes and updates surrounding the organization and the industry as a whole. See to it that, aside from learning the exam objectives, you also need to keep track of the trends so you won’t miss any crucial advancement, which may affect your career. Always keep an open eye with the developments and stay relevant!


So, if you’re a professional with prior experience in various functionalities involving Windows Server 2016, then you’re a perfect match for exam 70-740! Completion of this test, along with exams 70-741 and 70-742, will grant you an MCSA: Windows Server 2016, which will then be your instrument in earning MCSE: Core Infrastructure. Just a piece of advice though: it’s best that you start sorting out your prep materials as early as now. It’s because Microsoft has been focusing more on technical certifications and these certification exams might be replaced with job-centered validations soon! Opt for the best study materials listed in this article for 70-740 exam and of course, revise your knowledge with exam dumps from Exam-Labs and soon, you will be Microsoft certified enjoying the perks the new professional life brings you.

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