5 Ways To Utilize Technology For Financial Betterment

Our time on this Earth is spent throwing thousands of our hard-earned dollars at the newest technological device.  The kids have to have the biggest and best cell phone, and parents need their tech toys as well.

It is all so expensive, and the cycle just continues every year when the new models and updated versions are released.  It is high time we turn the tables on technology.  Check out this brief summary of a few of the best ways to put technology to use for the financial betterment of the household.

Tech services that relieve debt

The internet is just the place to find great agencies that will work to reduce and even relinquish debts.  Due to the extremely personal nature of this service, it is important to put in a bit of research before choosing a handler.

Check into the company’s reputation with the BBB, and even other forms of technology will help to build an adequate portrayal of the business’s reliability.  Some companies try to get by simply providing financial advice, but a good debt relief company will take it to the next level.


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Blogging can be quite lucrative

Blogging may not be the easiest way to make money through the use of technology, but it may be the most therapeutic for someone who has a whole lot to say.  Blogging is a great way to relieve stress, and if people love what the writer has to say, then bloggers can make good money running ads for investors.

Either way, blogging can be a beneficial journey for anyone looking to relieve a little inner turmoil or answer a burning question.  Make sure to research proper blogging techniques to assure the message is clearly communicated.

Open up several bank accounts

It may sound a little wacky at first read, but opening up several different bank accounts can be quite lucrative.  Several banking websites offer the incentive of cash back for a minimum first deposit.

Typically, companies will match the first hundred dollar deposit, but sometimes they offer larger incentives.  Save up a hundred dollars, open up an account where they match it, and flip that hundred to another account.  It is not illegal, and it will add up quickly.

Sell specialty crafts on Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform for those who like to make stuff.  Crafty bracelets, necklaces, and more are sold daily by individuals on Etsy.  The service does not cost a large percentage of the profits, so busy hands could make a quite nice sack of change.

Work for Uber or Lyft

As long as an individual has a decent vehicle, a valid license, and up-to-date car insurance, working for Uber of Lyft is just a matter of filling out the online application.  Their mobile application is easy to use and will guide drivers through the first steps of getting on the road.

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