Why is it important to design a blog properly for mobile devices?

There is one word in the question itself, which stands out completely. The word ‘mobile’ itself can be taken into various aspects and defined according to our needs. Now coming to the question, that has been put forward! Why is it becoming a trend to have a responsive design for mobiles for various blogs? The answer again can be easily taken in from the word ‘mobiles’ only. Well, in one sense mobile means ‘moving’ and on the other hand, we can also refer them to as the mobile phones that we use. And interestingly, both meanings can be easily linked to development.

What I want to say is that the kind of mobiles that we are using today is certainly a mark of development over the past  few years. With development, people have come to embrace technology and thus have learned to use it appropriately as well. The more various individuals start using mobile phones, they will be expected to learn more and in turn use the internet more. Thus, here comes the need to  create a website fully responsive to mobile phones. Statistically, we have approximately 50% individuals who prefer reading blogs on their mobile phones.

Things to be done and kept in mind while creating a fully responsive website for mobile phones

Choose the right responsive design

As I have said that since mobile phone are being used to a great extent for the purpose of surfing the internet, it becomes imperative to ensure that you keep your blog ready  for the mobile users. All of us are well aware of the fact that the viewing experience is completely different with mobile phones compared to the desktop view. Thus, it is extremely important that the bloggers should look to put in a theme design, which suits both mobile viewing experience as well as the desktop viewing experience.

Use various scripts to add features

This is the era of innovation for me. If you want to succeed, you will have to go beyond the normal. Most of the bloggers will add a good responsive theme and then sit back and relax. This is where one should look forward to cash in. Using various scripting languages available, you can easily add in a completely different dimension to your blog, which will in turn fetch you the reputation you and your blog needs. Speaking of it, JavaScript and CSS3 can be seriously helpful in case you plan to do something like this.


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Now let me shift the gears and change the directions. The next most important thing is the content of your blog. Herein I am not just referring to the things that you write in your blog, but also the way by which you maintain your blog. The buttons you create, the menus you have in store coupled with the navigation you provide; all play a major role in attracting readers and keeping them tied to you. Thus, it becomes important again to ensure that you have all the things checked. In this section, you can easily draw inspiration from various well known and established websites in this regard.

Managing your blog

You will not find in this in any of the tutorials or manuals, but the way you manage your blog is extremely crucial as well. You can talk to any well known blogger in this regard or follow their steps. You will find a distinct method in which they manage their blogs. You will have to identify your readers and then plan accordingly to gather more mass. Mobile viewers tend to be reading various articles more frequently while they are on the move. Thus, they prefer short and yet an informative article. Thus, it is your duty to manage the frequency of the posts you make, the quality and the quantity of the content you post, etc.

I will not add another point to make this look good. Rather, I will lay down the information here. Apart from the points mentioned above, it is also important to keep a note of a few more things. You should handle your images properly as they play a major role in attracting readers. In addition, make sure you test the various features properly before you make them live. Frankly speaking, mobile viewers are huge in numbers and can play a major role in establishing your blog.

Author Bio: Evelyn is a user experience designer for both web and mobile platforms. She frequently writes articles on topics of modern design trends and social media. You can check out some of his work on essaypro.com.

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