4 Website Design Tips for a Successful ‘About Us’ Page

When visitors come to the website of your company, one of the first places they are naturally drawn to is your About Us page. Web visitors want a brief guide on who you are and what you do, and to find out the qualities of your team. Your about us page is pertinent in educating customers on your business’ brand and services, as well as assisting in establishing your reputation and brand personality.

The four tips below will aid you in creating an engaging and successful first impression with your audience.

Begin Your Story Correctly

Visitors are likely to quickly skim the content on your About Us page for words and phrases that resonate with them. You should aim to make your story as engaging as possible so that visitors decrease their pace and take time to connect with your brand. Begin with a hook that empathises with your audience, such as presenting an issue experienced by your audience. This lets you guide them towards the product or service that your business provides and explains how it is the solution to their problem. The most important things here are to make a connection that is personal and to speak to the audience in a direct manner.

While you are explaining your business and how you will solve your visitor’s problem, you must also establish a sense of relevance and credibility for your business. This can be done by:

  • Telling the story of your company’s history
  • Stating your business’ industry credibility with accreditation or partner logos
  • Featuring testimonials from customers
  • Intermingling the advantages of the products and services offered by your business

Ensure that your About Us page is not overly sales-oriented, as this can put people off. Be truthful and genuine so you can establish a personal connection with the audience.


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Give the Personal Touch

The About Us page is usually the page of a website that is the most casual, in that it reveals the personable side of the business. You want to keep things professional, but you also want to present as authentic, likeable, and approachable. You want visitors to feel at ease, and comfortable about engaging in business with you. The About Us page gives the human touch, and it acts as a key conduit for a customer taking the next step with you.

Engage With Your Audience

You should flavour your story with some of the personality of your brand. Try these four methods to increase engagement with your story:

  • Explain Why.When you want to keep it simple, give website visitors a reason to put their trust in your business and to utilise your products or services. Demonstrate to your audience that you do things better than other businesses in the market.
  • Add Humour.If it suits your business, try interspersing small pieces of humour. This adds a personal note and will assist in keeping your audience engaged.
  • Make Your Audience Emotional.You do not have to pull violently on the audience’s heartstrings, but the aim is to humanise your business and demonstrate a common emotion. Combine telling visitors who you are on a personal level with why they should choose your business. When you bring together personal experiences with concrete evidence of why your business is better, visitors will have an emotional response and then will be primed to convert into customers.
  • Use Images. The photos on your About Us page should demonstrate professionalism but should also show some personality as well. The images will be very influential in the initial impression of your business that a visitor will gain.

Images Are Crucial.

Photos are a critical part of an About Us page as they provide visitors with a visual window into the business. It is crucial to add a personal touch here via photos of staff members, the office space, and other factors that form your identity.

The aim is to be both professional and personal, concurrently. If you overdo the professionalism you could come across as having a cold, sterile personality.  If you are overly personal, you could present as being far too casual and perhaps not caring. Achieving the correct balance is key for your About Us page photos.

Almost always, your About Us page is the first place a web visitor will go to aquaint and familiarise themself with your company. You should approach the About Us page in the same manner you would a first meeting with a potential client – you must be warm and welcoming, you must look good and communicate effectively, and you must be reassuring, credible, and engaging.

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