Small Business Telecommunications: MTI Magnolia Telecom, Others Comment on Its Importance

Effective telecommunications services are the lifeblood of a successful business and company. Internal emails, external calls, conference calling and large call volume are just some of the many telecommunications tools businesses are using today.

Unfortunately, as the importance of business telecommunications grows, some large telecom companies are shying away from small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to focus on large multinational companies. This neglect couldn’t come at a worse time, as businesses around the globe struggle to stay viable in the turbulent economy.

A recent report from the Huffington Post estimated the SMB telecom market to be worth $28 billion globally and growing 20 percent annually.  “SMBs are becoming a huge and underserved market,” Ed Wynn, executive chairman of Call One, noted to the Huffington Post.

As points out, operators have continually struggled to facilitate the SMB market, leaving SMBs struggling and negating a definite revenue stream for telecom providers. Selling and servicing SMBs involves a greater number of stakeholders and requires higher and more frequent degrees of touch.

“To remain competitive, SMBs need the same telecom and IT solutions available to their larger competitors, but delivered cost-effectively and without forcing them to staff in-house positions” continued Wynn.

While many of the big name telecom providers have essentially abandoned the SMB market, there are telecom providers that are bridging the gap for small business owners and facilitating their communication needs.

Call One is one of those companies. “At Call One, we actively serve SMBs, efficiently and simply. We not only provide the most advanced business telecom solutions for our clients and manage the complexity of those solutions and underlying networks, but also provide attentive, personalized service that customers expect and deserve,” said company chairman Ed Wynn.

Companies that service small business solutions understand that value is paramount for these small organizations. A telecom Asia report found that 40 percent of SMB owners rated affordable services as a defining factor in selecting a telecom company.

“Unlike multinationals and large corporations, SMBs do not have established IT departments with their directors, directives and budgets,” says Kat Luna-Abelarde, first vice-president and head of PLDT SME Nation.

Success in the SMBs telecommunications market hinges on offering a strong, tailored product portfolio that”s affordable, easy to integrate and user friendly.

MTI Magnolia Telecom, a Canadian-based telecommunications company, provides customized commercial communication tools for affordable prices. MTI Magnolia Telecom’s easy to use system comes ready out of the box and is easily upgradeable as businesses grow and expand their workforce.

With packages starting at as little as $19.95 a month, SMBs won’t break the bank trying to create a robust communications network. As a growing company, MTI Magnolia Telecom understands and appreciates the delicate intricacies involved in managing a small business.

Choosing the perfect telecom solution is crucial for small businesses that rely on a diverse network to facilitate operations and attract new customers.

Information technology research company Gartner believes the SMB telecom market will reach $244 billion by the end of 2017 due to aggressive growth.

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