5 Questions To Ask Before Switching To Solar Power

Solar power is more affordable than ever, and the real cost is only present during the initial installation of your panels. However, more progressive states like California offer more progressive options for solar power in your home.

If you’re like most people, you want to make the decision to switch to solar power with your eyes wide open to the circumstance. Here is a quick look at some of the most pivotal pieces of information you should gather before switching to solar power in your home.


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Ask about your solar connection to the power grid

Before you choose the manner in which you want to make the switch to solar power at home, talk to various solar providers. Solar power providers commonly offer the option to link your solar power to the local power grid.

Being linked to the grid means that any excess power your solar panels gather is pumped back into the main grid to help sustain the whole area’s energy needs.

If you’re not attached to a grid, you can utilize solar battery storage for a backup energy resource. If you’re on the grid, it means that when you don’t have enough energy coming in via your panels, your home can seamlessly revert to grid power.

Which solar companies stand to last for a while

So many small solar operations are flooding the market with choices, but which choices will still be around in 20-30 years to stand true to their warranty? Ideally, your solar investment choices will run in tandem with a company that knows what’s happening in the industry.

Research the leading solar providers in North America, and find the company which looks to be a solid work of art. Launching the right idea into action at the right time makes for a successful business endeavor.

You need to know local legal standards

Look into the local legal standards regarding solar panels and their placement. You’re only allowed so many panels and so much square footage before you start being heavily regulated by higher powers.

It’s annoying enough that you’ll want to keep it simple, if possible. Invest in just enough to get the job done, and try to stay away from being “on the map” as much as possible. Solar power is rooted in subsistence living after all.

Learn about tax incentives for going solar

You can earn tax credits from installing solar panels for your home. For now, the government offers a minimum 30 percent rebate no your investment. The credit is due to cease in the next few years, as solar power has finally reached a substantial awareness among energy consumers like you.

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