4 Ways You Are Accidentally Making Your Readers Hate You

Being a writer is not as easy as what some people may think. It is not enough that you are able to write sentences to describe a person, place or situation. There should be clear organization of thoughts and very descriptive information that would get the readers excited in every turn of a page.

Excellent writers are skillful in creating great stories using their vivid imaginations. The main challenge is how they can transform thoughts into words. Every writer’s goal is to be able to entertain, inspire and to motivate readers, whether it’s a book or a blog.

Disappointing your readers would definitely affect the following of your blog. Aside from using the right marketing tools to attract more readers, making your followers happy should be something that you take seriously.

It is always a must for any blogger to provide amazing content for site visitors. Unfortunately, having written for a long time may lead you to disregard some things that your readers actually care about. Here are 4 common ways on how you are inadvertently turning off your blog followers:


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Failing to recognize your target readership

It may look like you are well-versed in using different idiomatic expressions to enhance your content but your readers may not care about it. Instead of trying to impress them with your writing skills, aim to express your message in a way that your followers will understand. Always think about your target audience when generating content for your blog.

Using fluff words, in the guise of extensive descriptions

While you are encouraged to be as descriptive with your blog posts as possible, it is highly unlikely that readers will be amused at reading lengthy introductions. It is expected that descriptive information should be well written, but you don’t need to add phrases just to make your blog post look comprehensive.

Sounding too promotional

Nobody turns on the TV to watch commercials. In the same way, people will probably visit your blog to be entertained, not to be exposed to blatant promotional materials.

If your content is fashioned like an infomercial, there’s a big chance that your readers will had on to another blog that provides the content that they need without sounding like an advertisement. Instead of earning from the ad placement or product endorsement, you may actually be turning them away.

Using poor formatting

Sure, this may sound less important than content relevance and quality, not using the right formatting and visual layout may put off some of your followers. Some of the formatting mistakes that discourage people from reading your blog include the following:

  • Everything in one giant paragraph. More often than not, online users avoid long paragraphs like the plague.
  • Unreadable text. Small text size and poor color contrast are just two of the errors that you might commit.
  • Poor display in mobile screens. If your blog is not mobile-friendly or responsive, people who follow your blog through mobile devices may be discouraged to read further if your site looks broken on their small screens.

Some of these tips may look trivial to some people, but disregarding these four dangerous mistakes may lead to catastrophe for your blog following and reputation. Make sure that your blog’s content is helpful and entertaining to your readers, instead of being the primary reason for them to hate you.

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