How to Create Great Content for Your Company Blog

Maintaining a blog is an important part of SEO for small businesses. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms around and it isn’t difficult to embed a WordPress blog into an existing website. Because WordPress is so user friendly, you should have no problem personalizing your blog so that it fits your brand, but if you have zero technical know-how, hire a website design company such as to do the work on your behalf.

Once you have a blog set up, the next problem you have to deal with is the content. For a blog to be truly effective, it needs to be regularly updated with fresh content. In theory this task should be easy, but if you are not used to writing blogs you might not have a clue where to begin, so here are a few useful tips.

Subject Matter

The hardest bit about writing a blog is thinking of something to write about. The first few times you write your blog might be easy because you are full of inspiration, but as the weeks and months go on, inspiration is likely to falter.


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There is no right or wrong subject to write about, but generally speaking your blogs should be relevant to the business you are in. ‘How to’ blogs detailing a series of steps are always useful, especially for DIY type businesses. Otherwise, write about news in your niche or informational pieces about new products you are introducing soon. If you are really stuck, read other blogs in your niche and see if anything inspires you.

Create an Eye-Catching Title

The title of your blogs is very important. The title is the thing that attracts a reader and helps them decide whether they want to spend five minutes of their life reading your purple prose. So make it snappy, interesting, or even confrontational and the reader is more likely to stick around.

Include Keywords

Keywords are important, but they are not the be all and end all. Keywords help the search engine decide what the blog is all about and categorize it accordingly. However, be careful not to overdo keywords or stuff too many in or you could end up being penalized. If you have no idea what keywords are important, use a keyword tool to help you see what people are looking for when they type in search queries.

Outsource Content Creation

If you are just too busy to spend an hour of your day blog writing, then the answer is simple. Outsource the task to a junior employee or a third party content creation company. They can produce content for you to upload on to your blog and everyone is happy. Just be sure to check what goes on there in case it is inferior or unsuitable.

Blog writing needn’t be a complete pain. WordPress allows for blogs to be posted on an advance schedule, which is helpful if you are struck down with inspiration and manage to write several in one go.  Alternatively, keep a notebook handy and jot down ideas to help you write when you have a spare five minutes.

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