4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Redesign


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A company’s website is the hub of its business activity. It is where all online traffic is directed, to tempt people to use their goods or services. Be it by blogs, social media posts or Youtube videos – all are designed to steer people to the website.

After a while it may seem that the site has become tired or not fully serving its purpose. All change costs money, so it can be a dilemma for businesses deciding whether to spend out or not. This article sets out four scenarios where a company would be wise to make changes.

Nothing Stays The Same

Yesterday’s optimised website is today”s dinosaur. If it is greater than two years old, it’s highly likely it was created using an outdated programming language. According to Beanstalk Web Solutions, the marketing landscape is always on the move too. This includes customer preferences and competition. For ahahahah business to grow, it will need a conversion-optimised website and targeted marketing campaigns.

2.5 billion people use smartphones today. When they access the internet they want a website that adapts to the device they are using – be it phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Predictions for the future are that mobile-first websites will be the priority.

New Functions Are Required

Perhaps a customer portal is needing installation, so the public can buy products online and check their payment information. They may also be enabled to view dispatch or delivery dates, or refund details. An online calendar may be needed so that customers can book their own sales visits or book house viewings.

If a company builds its after-service element, it may seek to upload ‘how to’ videos for its products, and to add an FAQ page.

If a business adds an online catalogue to its website, potential customers will be able to access a host of product information. This may include details of new products and reviews that will help boost sales.


Image Source: UnSplash

The Branding Is Out Of Date

It may be that there is consistent branding amongst a company’s rivals, but that its own website sticks out like a sore thumb. The logo, strapline and page colours should all be consistent and professional looking.

If brand awareness is to be increased, it’s essential there is adequate information on the website about its goods and services.

The Audience Has Changed

It is possible that over time a business’s demographics become different. Perhaps new products and services have been added that appeal to a whole new audience.

Perhaps niche marketing has been successful, and it’s been found that mainly younger people are accessing the website. It’s therefore crucial that the layout and wording is custom made for this audience. Alternatively, a company may have gained such wide popularity that its web page needs to be designed to appeal to all.

Change is here to stay, and technology advances at an amazing rate. In many ways, companies don’t have much choice: they need to keep their websites current not just so they grow, but so they survive. When a website has been optimised for purpose, however, it will become a powerful tool for the future.

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