iOS 13 – The Latest and Greatest Apple Software Upgrade

The IOS 13 upgrade is finally here, and it comes with a whole set of features for your iPhone. The software upgrade offers new software perks even for those who are yet to upgrade to the new iPhone. Less than a week when the company releases the iOS 13 upgrade, it had released another upgrade for the iPhone with the iOS 13.1 upgrade coming with several crucial bug fixes, not to mention many more few features.


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To start with, Dark Mode is so far the best and most hyped iOS 13 feature, and also the most visual change, inverting white and light grey colors. This way, your eyes do not have to strain when viewing major apps. It is easy to get the upgrade; however, it comes pre-installed on the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. In this text, we will focus on what devices are compatible with these latest upgrades as well as what is new in iOS 13. However, so far, iOS 12 remains to be a company”s biggest software update in the meantime before iOS 13.1 is released.

Coolest Features in iOS13

The new and beautiful Dark Mode option gives the phone and apps a gorgeous dark color scheme. The mode is perfect for the low light environment. This mode is easier on the eyes and does not disturb people around you, especially at night.

Sign in with Apple feature

Privacy is the biggest theme in iOS 13. It fired another salvo in its feud with Facebook by launching the Sign In with Apple Feature. This is a simple API that developers can integrate into their applications to replace the social sign-ins, giving the user a one-tap and Face ID-Authentication when signing in to any app without having to pass through a third-party tracking. Also, with it, users do not have to reveal any personal information or any other additional information when signing in to these apps.

Anonymize email address

The apple upgrade ensures that the spam emails, apps, and marketers are thrown off your way. The upgrade gives you an option to share your email address or hide it from any service or app you are subscribing to. This allows Apple to create a random, but unique email address for applications that forwards to your email address. This email can be disabled at any time.

The new photos tab

With the new iOS 13 upgrade, you can now browse through your photos by organizing them into years, or ms they were taken. In the iOS photos app, there is a new photos tab at the bottom of the toolbar. When you tap on it, youonths, or even day will see the four sections; including Years, Months, Days, and All Photos. The app selects the best photos in your gallery. There is also auto-playing videos and live images when you scroll through. The best thing is that the downloaded images and screenshots do not apply in this feature. In the year”s section, you will see your favorite photo from a given day across the past years.

iOS 13 Compatibility

iOS 13 is compatible with iPhone XS MAX, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or later versions. Its compatibility needs an iPhone from the past four years. This means that it is not compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus. In case you have one of these devices that are not compatible with iOS 13, you will get stuck with iOS 12.4.1. In case you have an older version of the iPhone that is not compatible with this latest upgrade, you can get a newer one for a great price on Compare My Mobile website for one that is, like the iPhone XS Max which you can still get it here. So far, iOS 13 remains to be the biggest software upgrade you can’t ignore.

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