A Guide To Selecting An ISO 27001 Consultancy


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If you own a business, regardless of the industry, you will need a level of IT security, and if you want the very best, you are advised to seek out a specialist firm who can ensure that your sensitive data is protected by making your company ISO 27001 compliant. Your customers will expect their confidential data to be secure, and having the ISO 27001 certificate will give them peace of mind, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on finding the best IT security provider to help your business become ISO 27001 compliant.

  • Local To Your Business – While many things can be done remotely, you are advised to use an IT security provider who is local to your business. This will make face-to-face meetings possible, plus if there are any issues, they are never far away and can offer immediate assistance if needed. If your business is Sydney based, there are a few established cyber-security companies that service the CBD, and they can be located with an online search.
  • Tried & Tested – The company that you choose to ensure ISO 27001 compliancy should have a good track record, and a Google search will help you locate an ISO 27001 consultancy for Australian businesses, who can first assess your IT security before making any recommendations. If you check out their website, they should have a list of existing clients, and if there are some big names, this is a good sign that they are competent in their work.


Image Source: Unsplash

  • Free Initial Consultation – Forget dealing with companies that charge for everything, as there are IT security experts who are happy to provide you with a free first consultation, which will tell you how far away you are from the ISO 27001 guidelines. You would be under no obligation to take things any further, and they would even carry out some penetrative testing to see how good your current IT security actually is.
  • Look For Client Testimonials – If an IT security company is good at what they do, they should be able to furnish you with some client testimonials, which demonstrate a consistently high level of service. It is important to know that the provider is well-established in the industry, and customer testimonials are one way of ensuring you will receive good service. There are a few common IT security issues, along with suggestions on how to avoid them, which is recommended reading for all small business owners.
  • Rapid Response – This should be evident from the very first online enquiry that you make, as a prompt customer service is something you can expect from an established leader in the IT security industry. The ideal IT security provider would offer their clients 24/7 support, which really does give you peace of mind, and they would also be prepared to train key IT staff when necessary.

Any company that wishes to attain ISO 27001 certification should search online for an established IT security provider, and they would be happy to offer you a free initial consultation that would tell you exactly where you stand in relation to achieving the standard required.


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