4 Items around the Home that Need Maintenance

Owning a home is like owning a car (multiplied several times over when it comes to maintenance). Unfortunately, while many people abide by the rule of getting their car oil changed at least once per year, the same care isn’t taken with upkeep of the home. There are several items in the home and areas that require routine maintenance in order to work as effectively as possible. Ensure that you know exactly what you are doing when servicing your home by consulting reliable organizations like Avalanche Roofing. Speaking to professionals will give you a better understanding of the job at hand if you are going to be able to do the job yourself or if you would be better off hiring the job out. Going too long without scheduling inspections can lead to disastrous results

From carpets and furniture to even the smallest of appliances, autumn and spring are the best times to bring a professional on board. Many times inspections are free or low cost. Research and find a local, licensed and reputable contractor to keep these areas of the home in top working order:

1. Pipes and fixtures

A plumbing nightmare can happen anywhere at any time (consider the Daily News’ coverage of an aircraft landing due to a plumbing issue as a warning). Since over 70 percent of a home’s plumbing is hidden in walls or underground, that means 70 percent of the red flags can’t be spotted by the average homeowner.

2. HVAC systems

Heating systems and air conditioners have a tendency to go on the blink right when they’re needed most. While following the tips on troubleshooting heating and cooling issues via Popular Mechanics is a good start, nothing compares to a professional checking the systems. HVAC also needs regular upkeep, such as vacuuming the interior of systems, in order to maximize efficiency.


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3. Soil grading

Particularly for homeowners with basement windows, having the soil near the foundation properly graded down and away from the home can reduce flood risks and water damage. This is especially important for anyone who lives on a hill. Plus, the soil in the yard should be checked for proper pH balance in order to help plants thrive.

4. Appliances

The refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven/stove and even microwaves deserve a little TLC if you want to keep them functioning as long as possible. For smaller and cheaper appliances, it may be more cost effective to replace than repair, but only a contractor can give you the cost breakdown.

Owning  a home isn’t easy or affordable, but preventative maintenance is much more affordable than waiting for disaster to strike. Take advantage of the pre-winter days and get those appointments made before a case of Murphy’s Law starts taking over the home.

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