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A hand punch biometric time clock is easy for the employees to use and is highly accurate for attendance and time because it works by analyzing a three dimensional digital model of the worker”s hand size and shape and verifying that person”s hand geometry in less than a second. There are no privacy issues because the device does not take palm prints or fingerprints or vital signs such as pulse or heart rate.

Advanced biometric technology stores the individual geometry of each employee’s hand in a template, which is used to identify that employee. Employees no longer have to carry ID cards, badges, a driver”s license or other means of identification. There are no cards to create, carry or lose. The employee simply types in an ID number and places a hand on the time clock. If the hand matches the stored template, the employee is punched in or out. Since biometric identifiers are unique to individuals, they are more reliable in verifying identity.

A hand punch time clock is convenient, trouble-free, and integrates seamlessly with many brands of software. Contact your own time clock software company to verify whether it supports these clocks and how you can upgrade your existing employee time clocks without having to alter your software setup.

Biometric hand reader technology can save companies thousands of dollars annually by avoiding buddy punching and therefore some payroll expenses. That is a type of payroll fraud where one employee would clock in or out for another, normally when the buddy was running late to work or wanted to go home early. The hand punch system has been used at nuclear power plants and to secure United States military base camps in the Middle East.

Hand punch time clocks with their readers for effective attendance and time management also eliminate possible errors that can occur with manually calculating employee hours. The information is automatically calculated by the software, and there are numerous reports that can be printed and viewed for various purposes.

Learn more about how this type of time clock can help your business by visiting the website of Time Clock eshop at www.timeclockeshop.com/hand-punch-time-clocks.aspx.

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