Mobile Vs. Desktop – What features/use-cases make mobile more personalized than desktop/laptop.

Desktops replaced by smartphones

When the computer revolution dawned upon us, we all thought this would be the biggest technological revolution we will see in our life time. Then came the internet, and we were proved wrong. Then came the smartphone revolution, and once again, our naivety was proven wrong. Although this time, nobody was going to complain much about it. For a generation that literally grew on the web and computers, carrying a hefty laptop everywhere they go to stay ‘connected’ had become a part of them; an extra organ. But, with the smartphone revolution cutting down the reliance on laptops, people were presented with a viable alternative that allowed them to stay ‘connected’ with a device that they could easily carry in their pockets.


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When the world craves for personalization

As per the latest research data available, the number of internet users on mobile exceeded that on desktops and laptops. While it is a significant improvement, the implication of this data needs to be studied in detail. Other than the convenience factor, what are the things that drive the mobile internet domination over pc internet usage?

From a business point of view, gone are the days when you had to be connected to your audience only during business hours. Today”s generation needs you to be connected to them 24 X 7 through blogs, social media and apps. Of them, apps have revolutionized the way people perceive shopping.

For instance, take the case of website/app which I downloaded a few weeks back. I was trying to find a handbag for my sister and eventually stumbled upon a brilliant one on the Myntra website. However, I couldn’t complete the transaction then because I had to go somewhere. But I remembered to download the app before I left. In a few hours, I got a notification from my app saying that my order was still awaiting completion, at which point I used my smartphone to complete the order. Ever since then, I never felt the need to open my laptop again for online shopping. Every time I login, Myntra has a set of ‘recommended’ items that I have a hard time saying no to just out of concern for my ballooning credit card bills.

Mobile devices allows for far better personalization options when compared to desktops. Since you virtually use your smartphone for everything, from keeping in touch with your friends to conducting basic research on any product, business owners find it imperative to be connected to its users all the time.

These are the reasons why most of the companies these days play a huge reliance on mobile digital interaction in their digital marketing policies. Smartphone users use their phone for accessing new content information via blogs and social media, especially so during weekends and holidays. A smartphone oriented business strategy can allow a company to tap into this huge potential by offering customized product options to its customers.

All said and done, the reliance of people on their mobiles and laptop is a phenomenon which is here to stay. It is high time that you revisit your business strategy vis-à-vis digital marketing in this light.

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