Top Video/Web Conferencing Technology Available In 2017

Video and Web conferencing have quickly taken a firm hold on the world of business communications.  Technological advances have allowed professionals to host seminars, business meetings, and so much more through the use of one simple software addition.

Long-distance and even international communication are as easy as the click of a button.  Video conferencing allows for more intricate business collaborations, reduced travel expenses, and enhanced information sharing.  Check out what 2017 has to offer with a few of the top Video/Web conferencing technology available.

Vyopta Unified Communications

This company is king of variety.  Their software and web applications allow for many different vital business functions.  Manage mass video communication systems and keep up to date on new developments as the company is ever expanding.

Skype for business

Skype is useful on a plethora of different platforms; Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android.  The program closely integrates itself with the Microsoft Office applications commonly used in everyday business functions.

Office 365 users will be delighted to know that Skype for business seamlessly integrates with Outlook.  It also offers the ability to access useful Microsoft documents during a live conference.


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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a favorite of small businesses because its basic form is free.  For a free platform, Hangouts is quite impressive.  Investing in Google Apps for work will open up a whole new world of business related functions along with the standard features of Hangouts.

Adobe Connect

Though this company is known for its image editing and viewing platforms, Adobe Connect is an excellent video/web conferencing platform.  It provides all the tools a small business would need to perform an uninterrupted virtual meeting from anywhere in the world.


Fuze works to provide simultaneous video feeds for up to 125 people at once for any business willing to invest $8 per month.  The program allows for screen sharing and presentation with the ability to enable others to edit the material freely.  Hosts can also record virtual meetings to review vital information and materials at a later date.


Highfive boasts the best audio performance in the industry.  Powered by Dolby Voice, the software is capable of being controlled by any web-enabled device.  There are zero user fees, and the program is one of the most inexpensive sources for video conferencing on the market.


Screen Connect has supported video communications for several years.  They are pioneers of the industry and offer several remote access options.  Online meetings, training sessions, and project updates have never been easier to host.  The interactive tools available with Screen Connect’s newest platform will keep those busy minds moving in the direction of success for only dollars per month.

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