Best Android Apps To Catch Cheating Spouse

OnlineTherapyDoubting your spouse of an affair is immoral but what if your doubt is actually true?

First of all, you can”t just doubt your spouse of an affair without any reason. You must have noticed them talking to someone over the phone for long hours late till night or maybe they hide their phone when they see you.

Making excuses and going out of the house all dressed up like it”s a date and smiling at the messages received from someone special make you even more doubtful.

Truth needs to prevail and these best spy apps for Android will help you find the truth.

Best Android Spy Apps To Catch Cheating Spouse

1. pcTattletale

If you don”t want to keep any doubt in mind regarding the love affair of your lover then nothing can work better than pcTattletale for you.

With its unique spying features, the app can unveil the truth real quick. pcTattletale works for both Android cell phones and PC devices, so if your spouse uses any of them then you”re in luck.

The Live Viewing feature of the app can show you the target device screen remotely and all the activities going on in it.


So if there”s something that needs to be taken care of instantly then pcTattletale”s Live Viewing feature can help you out.

If by chance you want to go somewhere out while in the middle of monitoring some activity with the Live Viewing feature then the Record Video feature of the app will help out.

Record Video feature remotely records all the activities from the target device even when you are not online. Once you are back, you can check the recorded videos anytime.

For checking the video, go to the Activity on section, select the date and simply watch the video.


Daily usage of phones can be an indication if your spouse has an affair or not. If the use of smartphones is more than usual then maybe your suspicion is right.

The number of taps made on the phone every hour will be counted by the Click Activity feature of the app. And if you think the number of clicks is more, then you need to be more cautious while monitoring their activities.


Tracking of location is another important and useful feature of the app. Just by knowing the target person”s location, you can know if they were telling the truth about their whereabouts or not.

Maybe they will tell you that they are going to the salon, but they will actually meet their new special one. As pcTattletale gives you updates on the current location quickly, you will never miss tracking their location.


The two modes of the app, that are, satellite and map, make your location monitoring even more powerful.

2. Hoverwatch

Your spying needs to be perfect if you want to know what”s going on in your spouse”s life. That”s why we have added Hoverwatch to our list, an app that can keep track of all the phone activities with its amazing screenshots capabilities.

Once you install the app on their phone or PC, you will start getting remote screenshots from their device and they won”t get to know about any such activities.

These remote screenshots are taken anytime and from any screen. No matter if the target person is playing games, using WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, watching something on Youtube, surfing on the internet, or doing anything you can possibly think of, you will be updated with each and every activity.


Initially, the screenshots are going to be small in size but by clicking on them, you can open them in full size and check their full content.

Coming to the quality of the screenshots, you will feel like you are monitoring your wife/husband by directly looking in their phone screen.

Providing screenshots is the main work of Hoverwatch but that”s not all to this app. After the target person is done talking to someone over the phone, you can listen to their conversation with the call recording that is done by Hoverwatch remotely.


You can either listen to the call directly on the portal or download and listen to it some other time.

Tracking of location makes Hoverwatch a complete and best Android spy app for catching a cheating spouse.


3. KidsGuard Pro

If you can”t wait to get the data from your spouse”s phone for even a minute then KidsGuard Pro is your way to go.

With updates from the target phone within a second, you will never miss anything important that can reveal anything about their affair.

KidsGuards Pro can easily track the calls they receive, contacts stored in their phone, messages, photos, videos, and much more. But other than these basic features, the app has a handful of advanced features too.

You might want to eavesdrop on the calls your spouse has made or received. And maybe that”s the only thing you need to do in order to catch them red-handed.

KidsGuard Pro is able to record all the conversations done via phone calls. You can listen to these calls either on the portal or download them on your device.


You can even command the app to capture the screenshots from the target phone whenever you feel like it. For that, you need to go to the Capture Screenshots feature and click on the Take Screenshots option. In no time, you will see the screenshots from their phone appearing on the KidsGuard portal.


Taking remote access to the target phone”s camera is not a big deal for KidsGuard Pro. After you click on the Shoot button, you give the command to the app to click photos from their phone.


Tracking the location 24/7 is not possible but how about getting notified whenever your lover enters or exits a certain place? Yes, that”s possible. The Geofence feature of the app will notify you immediately when the area set by you is breached.

Don”t Spy With Random Apps

All the three apps that we have mentioned in this article are personally tested by us. All of them work in the hidden mode and don”t give any hint to the user of their installation.

But if you try to spy on them with some random Play Store apps or the ones you find online then you can get yourself into big trouble.

These random apps might reveal their existence and might not give any data at all. But using the apps mentioned in the article, you can always be rest assured.

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