Getting Your Tech Knowledge…Then Passing It On

The technology game is changing, and changing fast. People have to learn more, learn it more quickly, and learn how to use it at faster speeds than ever before, and then be able to move on to the next trend in the next breath.

But to continue to make the wheels on different projects move accordingly, other people have to pick up the slack when you move on as well. And so to have an effective company, or even effective professional presence on an individual level, the hard lesson is learning to get your tech knowledge, and then now how to pass it on efficiently.

Understanding Knowledge Transfer

At the core of the get then give cycle is going to be the understanding of knowledge transfer. To a degree, this involves shadowing or being shadowed at your job, but there are more advanced methods of doing this transfer as well. The cornerstones of modern methods involved lots of dedicated planning, as this is the key to making sure the transfer is complete, along with other related jobs being done simultaneously without time hurdles.


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Staying Notified

One of the shortcuts when it comes to the influx of knowledge into your professional life are notifications. If you set up certain apps or software programs to notify you every time a new article comes out about a certain topic, or every time a knowledgeable person blogs, then you don”t have to go digging every day finding that same information. A good example might be getting notified every time Seth Godin writes a blog post. His information is timely, and getting a notification of publication is a great way to keep up to date.

Making Efficient Use Of Your Time

For the most efficient use of your time when it comes to getting and giving knowledge, you want to eliminate any kind of fluff from your reading and writing. Follow writers who get directly to the point. And when you write or speak about your subject matter, avoid unnecessarily filler. Simply following those two steps will increase your productivity exponentially.

Using Subscription Services

If you subscribe to or some other type of tech subscription site like that, you”ll be able to keep up with the latest programs and techniques as well, and because they”re in the on-demand format, you can work through at your own pace, giving you a ton of flexibility when it comes to learning.

Practicing Live Applications

And there”s no better teacher than experience when it comes to techy stuff. So if you want to learn how to build a website, just build one! You don”t necessarily have to publish it publicly, but the live application aspect will give you a ton of troubleshooting experience.

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