4 Common Photo Collage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you getting ready to make a collage of your favorite photos? Whether you”re creating a family photo collage, a collage of photos of you and your partner, or even a collage of your favorite pet photos, this is a fun and simple little project that”s great for a rainy day.

If you want a collage that you”ll want to hang up on the wall, you”ll want to avoid some of the most common photo collage mistakes that newbies make. We”re here to help. Read on to learn more.


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1. Repeating Photos

This might seem obvious, but one of the simplest mistakes that people make when they create photo collages is repeating photos.

They”re not using the exact same photos, but they”re using photos that are similar enough that they look identical. They may have several photos from the same day with people in the same poses. They”re not the same photos, but they have the same visual effect. 

If you”re making a collage of a single event or a single theme, use a variety of similar (but different enough) photos instead. For example, use photos that were taken from different angles or distances, even if they”re of the same subject. 

This will help you maintain visual interest in the collage.

2. Not Creating a Cohesive Collage

While photos being too similar is a problem, it”s also not good if photos are too different. If you want a collage that looks professional and clean, you want to make sure that you”re keeping it cohesive.

If you have a theme, stick with it. If you don”t, use colors and filters to bring your collage together. You don”t want all of the colors in the pictures to look identical (or they may blend together), but you want them to look as though they”re being combined intentionally. 

Use your favorite photo app for editing collage photos and pick a preset filter (or create your own) to apply to all of your photos.

3. Going Overboard With “Extras”

We”ve all been there. We open up collage maker apps, see the variety of fun stickers and stamps that we can use on our photos, and go a bit overboard. Now the collage looks messy (albeit unique). 

There”s nothing wrong with adding fun text, shapes, or stamps to your collage, but you don”t want to take any attention away from the photos. Keep it simple.

4. Poor Use of Space

Collages come in several varieties. Some people prefer a collage that looks layered and messy while others like photos to be cleanly placed side-by-side. Neither of these is a bad option, but you want to make sure that you”re staying consistent. 

It”s okay to have white or negative space on collages if you”re going for a minimalist look. Make sure that it”s still obvious that the photos go together, however. Too much space can make a collage seem disjointed.

Avoid These Photo Collage Mistakes

Make your collage-making experience fun by avoiding these photo collage mistakes. You”ll have a neat and cohesive collage in no time! Start finding and assembling your favorite pictures today.

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