Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives for Android

Cross platform messaging apps are the platform that provides the interface between the users of different devices from all around the world without any discrimination of device and Operating System on the go. It makes compatible all the things including Screen resolution, size, orientations and aspect ratios etc.

The Cross platform apps should have enough ability to take the advantage of devices with multi features that are available in any of the renewed device without the discrimination of Operating System like, Camera, GPS, accelerometer and others. The services should be provided in a proper way and all the basic facilities should be offered to the users i.e. Send free SMS, Voice Messages, Calling facilities, Video Calls, Video Messages, sharing of images & files and others.


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WhatsApp is a cross-platform that provides all the above mentioned features on Smart devices, using WhatsApp a user can send images, audio messages, video and audio calls and this application are available for Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and Series 40. This app has over 300 million active users. But think about the situation that you are using this app for a long time period and now feeling bore using this interface for chatting and conversations or just want a change for any other reason, what would you do? You would indeed start searching the alternatives for the WhatsApp.

Whatever you are feeling with your current WhatsApp application to change it. You need to have its alternative has never ended as you need to have a platform that will provide you all the features of your previous application, like you may be from Brazil and needs a video calling app to see your mom in Canada on a trip, you may be going to any Europe Country and needs an Interface to send SMS to Pakistan (your homeland) or any other specific reason.

We are providing the top 5 alternatives of WhatsApp for you so that you may never get bored.


With a large number of users all around the world, Viber is a proprietary cross platform app that’s entertain its over 200 million active users to convey their message with ease over the virtual world of Global Village. Its interface provides the users to share images, audio and video messages with texting as a main feature. It offers its services over all notable platforms including Mac OS, Blackberry OS, Android,  Bada, Symbian, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Series 40. Viber is also looking to release its Linux version as it is currently under the development phase. The ease to use it over WI-Fi or 3G/4G networks make its users free from any worry that may encounter the user to any problem connecting.

  • Enjoy the high Quality HD calls along with group messaging and the ability to make clear calls with as low as 8 kbps speed. Here are the key features for Viber:
  • The ability to render high quality calls along with video messaging with the support of 3G and LTE
  • Compatible with slow network speed.
  • It uses Phone book data in order to connect with current and existing friends, so no need to invite your friends or registration.
  • Share your location, images, videos and texting each other absolutely free.
  • New features that are available with recent updates are photo doodles, new stickers, message popups, seen status and VoIP Calling.
  • You can transfer your call from Phone to desktop without getting your call cut off.
  • Multi language support.


This is a Chinese based app for cross-platform communication that provides the free interface for texting and video calls. This app has a record of more than 1 billion users earlier this year which is now more than 400 million users of which 100 million are international users. The reason behind its massive use by people outside of their countries. Pakistani people working outside their country is a good example of this, because they usually use Wechat to send free sms to Pakistan. The new animated stickers of WeChat are the premium service offered by Chinese Application. If you haven’t downloaded this free app yet, you are advised to download it as the administration is going to out some nominal fee for its downloading this app, however the April poll revealed that 90% users opposed this charging that lead to  cancel the charge.

It offers revamped ‘Official Accounts’ for celebrities and business. The clutter-free UI makes it more convenient for user to use it.

The newly launched version of Wechat 5.0 for iOS platform has following new features to offer:

  • Animated new sticker for $0.99 for every sticker
  • The new Hold Together function  makes it easy to add friend with ease
  • Save favorite content clippings from chats or Moments
  • Double tap the chat to explore the unread messages and swipe is required to return from a chat
  • User can input the data by voice commands
  • Addition of Cover of the book or album, street view along with scan bar code
  • Game Center to play the games with friends
  • Can do transactions with Credit and debit cards also can pay your mobile bills
  • To get the full view of text, double tap that message
  • Division of public accounts in two categories for user ease
  • However it is to be noted that some of the features are only in Simplified Chinese
  • Available for all renewed platforms

Google Hangouts

Google launched its IM and Video Chat app during the I/O development Conference, which replace the previous GTalk app and now comes as a built-in app for most of the Android devices. Google supports the Hangouts on iOS and Android OS and also on the web but with keen interest on Chrome. Using the Hangouts, user can chat either each other or in a group also user can go for video calls. While the files can also be shared when texting.


  • Google provides this UI without any cost for iOS and Android users.
  • User can make video calls but voice calls are not allowed yet though this functionality is in the works
  • User can mute the chat notifications for any specific user or for a group of persons
  • The authority to block any user
  • Archived your chats for reference
  • With the two steps Gmail verification support and supports the multiple users.
  • Access the Hangouts via Gmail or Google+ websites along with mobile UI
  • The shared photos will be automatically be uploaded into a private Google+ album


A best app for IM and Voice-over-IP and is a part of Microsoft as Microsoft Skype Division has developed it. Skype is a hybrid peer-to-peer and client server system. Registration is required and the registered users can send a friend request to their has known one. Skype to Skype call is free while registered Skype users can also make calls to mobile and landline numbers. Users can use emoticons, one-on-one or group texting, Video calls and conference calling with video support, video messages, storing chat history and editing of previous chat messages. The offline message removed after a few weeks without any notification.

A user can block any contact, also can receive calls on the desktop from the cellular mobile network, however Skype doesn’t offer the ability to make the calls on Special numbers for emergency.

Facebook Messenger:

Initially Facebook offers messaging service over its social network for all over the world of web. To compete with the messaging apps, Facebook focuses on Mobile app too and released its Messenger for both iOS and Android devices. The Facebook Messenger by Facebook has all the features that Facebook offers on the Web to its more than One Billion registered users. It allows the VoIP calling between the who use the Mobile Clients.

What the Messenger offers to its users is that it allows its users to chat with their current without any need to invite them to a new network.

Here are the key features for Facebook Messenger apps:

  • It provides the facility to call the other users with Messenger app
  • Initially it offers only voice calling, without the support of video calling
  • User can’t call to the users who are using the Facebook for the web
  • Messenger syncs chats and messages across desktop and mobile devices.
  • User can reply quickly to the IM with ‘Chat Heads’ for Android app, however this feature is not available for iOS platform
  • The users of Windows can also use the Messenger assigned for Windows platform
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