How will you enhance security with Asterisk

Security is of prime importance in the IT field and also for any organization. This is because online as well as offline fraudulent incidents are prevalent. Here we will find how you can enjoy better SIP security by implementing Asterisk. So, read on for better insight.

Restrict acceptance from IP addresses

It is a wise move if you do not accept the authentication requests that are sent from all the IP addresses. You can make use of “permit=” and “deny=” lines in sip.conf. By doing so, you can let limited and selected IP addresses to access the user/extension in the sip.conf file. And if at all, you wish to accept every call (inbound), it is best not to allow users access the elements (for authentication).

Passwords should be strong

When you are selecting the passwords for the SIP entities, it is best to choose one which is strong and will not be deciphered or decoded easily by intruders. As far as security is concerned, this is one of the ways you can keep your system secured. There are several tools that will decipher even the strongest of the passwords. So, it is best to select one that will not be decoded easily. Passwords should ideally comprise a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, symbols, and special characters, if possible.


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Secure your default context

Toll calls are crucial. At no point of time should you allow callers to access contexts that allow such calls. This holds true especially or unauthenticated callers. Only a limited number of callers should be permitted to access. Also, don’t allow unauthenticated calls at any point of time. The best is to use the GROUP function.

Selecting usernames and extensions

The other way you can secure your SIP with the help of Asterisk is by choosing appropriate usernames and extensions. Instead of using the stereotype “1234”, it is best to use the address of the device, namely, the MAC. Using phrases are in vogue these days. You can use the extension as well as phrase to make the password much more secured. If at all, you want to know how you can select passwords or the best procedure to do so, you can seek assistance from Asterisk Phone Support and Aus IT team of professionals that are adept at IT operations and VoIP arrangements.

Limit number of calls

At any point of time, allow only limited number of calls, preferably, one or two calls for every SIP entity. One of the best ways to keep your SIP system secured is to be less vulnerable to the toll fraud incidence, which is prevalent widely.

AMI Manager Ports

It is best to use “permit=” as well as “deny=” lines so that the number of inbound connections can be reduced to a great extent. Ideally, this should be done in manager.conf. Again, using stronger passwords can keep the SIP system secured. While selecting passwords, make sure you choose at least 12 character password, which will be essentially be a combination of numbers, special characters, and numbers.

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