5 Ways In Which Social Media Can Be Used To Boost SEO

As a typical business owner with basic digital marketing knowledge, you may consider social media as a distinct entity that is not directly linked with SEO. But this is a misconception that can actually cost you a lot because ignoring social media while framing your SEO strategy may impact its results manifold. What you really need to do is to ensure that your SEO plan is in tandem with social media so that it can capitalize on the benefits of a strong social presence. Together, they can work to generate value as well as offer relevance to your target audience, which are the key parameters of Google’s ranking algorithm. Let us help you understand how a strong social media plan can help you boost your search rankings as well.

Content Promotion

Social media is perhaps the best way to promote your content and extend its outreach to the maximum. Even the best content posted on your website cannot get the desired visibility but social channels can take it places. It actually ensures that the SEO-based content is pushed towards your customers, a gap that you are seldom able to bridge with SEO alone. Your objective, therefore, should be to ensure that the content you write for your website or blog is not only enriched with the right keywords but also has the shareability factor that makes it right for social promotion.


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Traffic Boost

Another key reason that you should blend your SEO strategy with social media is that it can bring a commendable boost to your website’s traffic. When users find quality content on the social media, they are bound to explore the source. This means that they will reach your blog or website, which gets you authentic traffic that has the potential to convert. At the same time, this will translate into longer time spent and lower bounce rates because the users who visit the site will be genuinely interested in finding more and staying on the site for exploring it further. With this, your website also gets a higher authority in the eyes of search engines.

Better Engagement

Taking the benefit of content promotion further, social sharing ensures that you get a better engagement for the content you serve. The only thing that you need to ensure is that the content is relevant and has the information that delivers value to the users. Mike Moon, SEO specialist from Digitrio, says that creating long, in-depth pieces of content on your site will help Google give your business more topic authority. And the same content, when shared socially, gets you the right levels of user engagement as well. This means that you are able to kill two birds with one stone. Engagement matters for SEO, fetches quality leads for your site and strengthens your online reputation too. So that is definitely more than two birds!

Link Building

Surprising as it may sound, social media can strengthen link building too. It can lead to authentic, quality links from influential websites, which can work wonders for your SEO efforts. As social media is frequented by influencers, your content has a good chance of being seen by them and they may even link it from their blogs or websites. This gets you the leverage of influencer marketing without making any extra efforts. Moreover, you get external links from diverse websites, which is another reason that your SEO strategy gets a boost. Here again, the catch is to have high-quality content to share because it will singularly attract quality links from high-authority sites.

Brand Awareness

Another way in which social media can contribute to SEO is by increasing the brand awareness. Greater social visibility and larger number of shares translate into greater awareness for your brand and products. Your brand’s popularity spells into a stronger online presence, which means that you will get more branded searches on Google over time. A greater number of branded searches mean that Google will place you higher for non-branded keyword searches too. In this way, social media can play a key role in improving your site’s organic ranking just like SEO does.

Considering the power that social media can provide to your website, this is an element that you cannot ignore while creating a marketing mix for your business. The right approach is to create and strengthen your brand’s presence across diverse social media channels because you would want to capture the audience attention in every way you can. The best way to do so is to join hands with expert digital marketers who have the right skills and experience to get your business on top everywhere!

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