How Long Does is it Take to Build a Mobile App?

Today, we will be discussing how to estimate a timeline for your app development project. You have probably noticed two kinds of apps while searching on the app and play store. An app that is unnecessarily complicated, frustrating to use, poorly designed, or broken. Then, an app that impresses you, makes your life better, and one that you use every single day. Have you ever wondered how long does it take to create a beautiful and memorable app?

Companies such as Facebook and Google have thousands of people working on their apps and crafting the best experience possible. Most companies don”t have that kind of resources. However, that doesn”t mean smaller companies can”t build amazing apps. This means smaller companies need the right perspective on how they should approach developing a high-quality mobile application. Below are three factors that will impact your mobile app development time. 

App Scope 

The scope of an app consists of the platforms that you”re targeting and its features. The more platforms you want to support, the more time that will be needed for design and support. Once you have that figured out, the bigger challenge will be scoping the features themselves. Sometimes, too many features are requested for the app and can become a problem. More focused apps are much better for user experience. A long list of features will increase your timeline significantly and increase your costs. Therefore, cut as much as you can upfront and focus on the key features that you want to be applied within your app. 


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Skills and Expertise 

Always make sure that you”re getting the right people or company with the right skillset and expertise to work on your mobile application. This includes UI and UX design and back and front-end development. Furthermore, these are some of the core skillsets that your company will need to develop a beautiful app. That is why a mobile app development team that consists of these skills can typically build your app faster and better. 

App Development Process

There are four main stages within the app development process, and each of these stages will take a certain amount of time. So remember to take into account these stages when you”re estimating your app development time. 

Gathering Requirements Phase – During this phase, the team will need to define and gather the requirements. Therefore, your mobile app development company should help differentiate between the must-have features and the ones you want. The goal of this stage is to prioritize the must-have features while making sure the app corresponds to the business goals. 

The Design Phase – Once you have the requirements ready, a UI and UX designer will come into the process. The UI of the app will be designed to enhance the user experience. The UI is essential for any mobile application to flourish in the market because users like visually appealing apps. 

Development – In this stage, we have back-end developers building the back-end architecture such as the server, the database, and the API. While the front-end developers turn the design produced by the UI and UX team, into an app user interface.  

Testing – To know whether an app is working like you need it to be, you will need to do testing. There are no such things as a bug-free app. So, make sure you allocate time to un alpha and beta testing to make sure you handle any bugs that will need to be fixed before the launch. 

Launching – Once your mobile application is complete, you will need to submit your app for review on the app or play store. A lot of companies don”t take this into account. Therefore, most people miss their launch date due to this. So, you want to submit your app 1-2 weeks before your launch date. 

In Summary

Quality takes time. So, make sure you”re budgeting the right amount of time for your mobile app project. If you keep these steps in mind, it will help you gauge the amount of time you will need to set aside for the completed project. If you”re looking for a top mobile app company, look no further than Ecodelogic. Our developers understand how to build an app that exceeds your expectations and your user”s expectations as well.

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