Why is Interview scheduling important in ATS tool

Interviews are perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that go into a recruitment process. There is a lot of efforts and time going into the process, but you cannot be sue of the end results and what you will end up with. That is exactly an ATS or Applicant tracking system you choose should come with an efficient interview scheduling option. What benefits does an interview scheduling offer you? We can possibly explore it in a little finer detail.

Why is Interview scheduling so much necessary in an ATS tool?

While most of the industries today depend upon the Applicant tracking system for the recruitment purposes, not all of them offer interview scheduling option embedded within it. Recruitment services like Greenhouse ATS software offer you the compatibility. Why is it so important to have a functionality in your ATS? Here are our reasons.

It saves you time and money

Scheduling and conducting the interviews takes a lot of efforts in terms of money and time. Your interviewing team – including the experts are paid on an hourly basis and spend a lot of time screening the candidates.

What if none of the candidates meet up the expectations, or tend to miss the interview? You will end up losing on both money and time front. If you have a perfect interview scheduling solution, it may be a great idea to opt for a recruitment solution with an embedded interview scheduling option.

It helps you avoid scheduling errors

Manual interview scheduling may be prone to errors. You need to focus on the proper schedule of several people – including those who need to be interviewed or those who are interviewing. Human errors can set a wrong time for a candidate, or an interviewer is wrongly scheduled.

An embedded interview scheduling can address the following concerns and assist your interview schedule in a positive manner.

  • Coordination of multiple schedules simultaneously.
  • Candidates will have an option to choose the right time and date for attending the interview. This should work efficiently for those already employed elsewhere.
  • The scheduling solution automatically links the candidate profile for an efficient organization of the details
  • Disruption of the chance for errors is eliminated. This can help you achieve the best results in terms of candidate experience.

Improved Accountability

Candidates are given enough opportunities to work with their own schedule for attending the interview. This can go a long way in promoting the accountability of your candidates. This makes a strong point in favor of the interview scheduling embedded within the ATS tool.

Accountability on the part of the candidates will ensure that you are saved from the issues arising out of the fact that the candidates do not show up for the interview. Moreover, the candidates do not need to wait until they get your interview schedule. As a candidate, you can easily work on your own to pick a spot and opt for the right time to attend the interview.

It provides you access to a greater flexibility

The work force today has no more remained what it used to be just a few years ago. The candidates today are interested both with their personal lives and work. Interview scheduling solutions will be helpful enough in balancing their personal lives with the work schedules.

In fact, work life balance has been considered to be one of the prime considerations that a job seeker will look for while applying for a new job. The ability to schedule the interview on their own can be quite endearing for that category of employees. In addition, it will also help you as a recruiter to have a positive employer branding.

The Parting Thoughts

Interview scheduling is one of the areas that always need a focussed attention and an interview scheduling functionality embedded within your applicant tracking system can be a blessing in disguise. No more headaches that will force you to schedule your interviews manually.

This is especially true when you are working with a competitive job market. If you do not want your recruitment schedule to go haywire and make you spend in an unnecessary manner, it may be quite a good idea to opt for a capable recruitment software with an embedded interview scheduling feature. Choose your Applicant tracking system wisely and get the best out of your recruitment process.

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