Where Can I Sell My Old Phone? Is the Cost of a New One Worth Selling the Old?

People often discard old phones in favour of new technology. These instances live the environment prone to toxic material- electronic scraps. In that case, there is a solution for old phones. There are companies in India, China, and other countries that offer phone recycling services.

All you have to do is find the highest paying company for your device. Fortunately, Sell My Mobile is a website where you can analyze the fee being offered for your old handset. Although Google can provide them some answers regarding selling your phone for recycling, the above two platforms simplify it for you.


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So, What Next After Selling Your Old Phone?

Well, smartphone companies continue to design and manufacture more and better handsets. Moreover, you can find any phone you”d love to have to depend on your budget. So, if you can”t afford an iPhone, then you can buy a Huawei, Xiaomi, or other brands. In other words, you have a wide range of choices. The good news is, the prices of phones continues to decrease. Have a look at this.

Samsung is Outsourcing Its Phone Production to a Company in China

Every market is competitive due to upcoming businesses and the growth of the economy. In that case, existing companies have to find ways of staying on the top or among the top of the new ones that don”t overtake the market. In that context, you might some products are cheap in certain countries than others.

For instance, when you compare the smartphone in the budget range category from Huawei & Xiaomi and Samsung, you’ll find that the latter is more expensive. For it to remain competitive, it has to move a segment of its production to China.

Out of the 300 million Galaxy A devices, 60million will be produced in China by an original design manufacturer. One of the ODMs is Wingtech that produces other mobiles belonging to various brands, including OPPO, Huawei, and Xiaomi. This means the company produces large quantities of phones leading to the minimal cost of production.

Nonetheless, this will be advantageous to other smartphone brands too. However, Galaxy A producers have no alternative but to contract Wingtech as other brands do, for it to remain competitive. Reuters suggests that the mobiles manufactured in china will be sold to South America and Southeast Asia.

What If you’re an iPhone User?

Unlike Galaxy A, the original manufacturer who is currently planning to take its business to China, Apple has already outsourced production to Taiwan”s Foxconn Technology. However, apple retains full design rights, which means TFT can”t contribute to designing Apple devices. So, if you’re an iPhone user, you”ll still get excellent quality and design similar to what the original company produces.

This is however different for other brand users because ODMs contribute to the designs and production of these handsets. Nonetheless, Wingtech ensures high-quality production, and Samsung has assured its customers of the same.

Indeed, there is the innovation of newer technology each day that pushes older receivers to become less useful. A new telephone has better features and is compatible with a broader range of programs.

This leads to people buying new mobiles leaving the old ones lying around. So, why don’t you utilize a better use of the mobile? How do you do it? Well, you can start by selling your phone to recycling agencies.

What is the importance of recycling?

Phone recycling has two categories. First, handsets components can be refurbished and sold to different consumers while the rest of the parts can be reversed to their original raw materials. Certainly, this has better economic value as compared to keeping the phone at home.

What To Take Away

Find more on the importance of phone recycling from Google and consider using the two platforms suggested above if you need to sell your old handset.

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