Website Design Tips For Beginners 

Designing your own business website is a big job, but seeing the end result will grant you a solid feeling of accomplishment and more customers for your business.  Designing a website that appeals to your target audience online is key when you’re looking for growth.  

Understanding what matters most within your website design is most important.  Take the time to learn a little about what makes a website most useful for your business and consumers, and start working on building a winning website now.


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Simple navigation is crucial

From the point of view of a web user, you should understand the value of a website that makes it easy to dig into what that business has to offer.  Adding simple navigation to your design is the vehicle of exploration.  

Take a moment to check out how easy this website for Nine Line Apparel makes navigation on their pages.  Moving and searching through their products is self-explanatory and free-flowing.  

Build a solid products page

Displaying what your business has to offer consumers is a huge part of building a website that is useful and beneficial to your company.  Your products pages should proudly display each piece you have to offer, and each entry should have a brief but thorough impact on the user.

Use high quality images for your pages. Use targeted keywords to boost your on-page SEO (search engine optimization) integration and help boost your placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Incorporate social media

Every great business website includes elements of social media.  Sharing icons can go a long way for your website design.  Add social media sharing icons in well-planned locations throughout your website, so people can easily share things they find interesting or helpful.

Social media is an epicenter of communication on the internet, and it helps to inject your business into the conversation.  Sharing icons are a great tool for integrating your social media presence.  

Encourage engagement and communication

When web users visit your website, you want to know they were there.  Adding simple engagement boosters can help strengthen the connection between your consumer base and your business.  

Learn how to craft a compelling call to action, and charge people to do something while they’re on your pages.  Add a simple contact form to gather information about visitors, and have a strong initiative to touch base with those people.

Mobile optimization is standard 

Mobile users are so regular online today, that building a business website without mobile optimization will place your business at a disadvantage.  Make sure all the content your business disburses online is built and optimized for mobile users to get the most out of all of your content. 

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