Elite VIP Event to be Presented by HIRO Media

Invitation-Only Elite VIP Event to be Presented by HIRO Media at DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival Highlighting Some of the Digital Industry’s Most Brilliant Minds

Evening Highlights Include a Keynote Speech by Ted.com Speaker Guy Hoffman and Preparation of a Gourmet Meal by One of the Most Esteemed Chefs in Israel, Chef Ran Shmueli

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — (Marketwired – Sep 3, 2015) – From September 6-12, 2015 a star-studded roster of content, social soirees and events will take place at one of EMEAs largest conferences for digital innovation, the annual DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, hosted by HIRO Media, a world leader in the field of online video advertising.


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HIRO Media’s elite VIP reception will take place on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 from 6pm – 10pm IDT and will feature some of the digital industry’s most esteemed and brilliant minds. The event will be thrown at Claro in Central Tel Aviv. Claro is one of the Sarona Compound’s most recent additions and it just so happens that it is also the historic site of the National Bank of Israel’s first safe.

Guy Hoffman, recently awarded by Time Magazine the title of “Innovator to Watch” will be the keynote speaker. Guy, a TED speaker, whose ‘Robots with a Soul’ session is one of TED’s most viewed sessions ever, will be speaking about his most recent experiments involving the creation of artificial intelligence as it relates to the advertising world and its dynamic evolution, and will also be sharing his insights and knowledge in this field. Guy, who is one of Israel’s most clever young minds, poses the question and strategy of targeting all marketing and advertising to robots, rather than humans, in a future where robots are plentiful and regularly taking care of all human needs, and, in this reality, how would you go about advertising to a robot?

Many choice members of some of the top brands and marketers in the world, such as upper-level executives from Accel Partners, Google, VW, Deloitte, Singtel and Mindshare will comprise the select group of guests attending DLD TLV and HIRO Media’s private event.

Hundreds of startups, angel investors, VC’s and industry leaders are brought together by one of the largest digital innovation festivals the EMEA offers, the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, in order to connect, share ideas, and create unexpected, unique and powerful output that will revolutionize the digital space.

To learn more on the coming DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, visit their website at https://dldtelaviv.evolero.com/2015. You can also join in the Twitter conversation at #dldtelaviv15.

More Information on HIRO Media

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