Web Design Basics – Facts You Should Know About Modern Web Design

The truth is that professional web design is so much more complicated than it used to be in the past. We have access to so much more diversity and one problem that can easily appear is that with so many options, hundreds of sites are created every single second. With this in mind, people that use the internet will only stay on a site an average of around 8 seconds until they decide if they want to stay or not. This means that the importance of web design is higher than it used to be in the past.

In order to help you understand what is really important in modern web design, we talked with professionals from webdesignercheltenham.com and these are the facts that were highlighted.

Getting Straight To The Point

The entire society is fast paced. You should use the four seconds rule in web design: the page needs to be loaded entirely in 4 seconds. At the same time, what the visitor first sees becomes vital. In the event that you do not show him that the page will offer what he wants, he will leave. With this in mind, think about how much time passes until the visitor sees what is of importance. If too much time passes, the web design is not great.


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Graphic Formats Used

When referring to web design, this is one aspect that is overlooked. There are so many sites that nowadays use images that simply take a long time to load. This is a very bad idea. You need to be sure that all images are optimized for internet browsing. Hiring professionals is usually a lot better than going with the services of a beginner or a solo designer because of the fact that they do have the necessary experience and tools to perfectly optimize all elements used in web design.

As a simple example, JPG files are the most commonly used images on the internet. The format allows an inclusion of up to 16 million colors. Variable compression is added and you can take advantage of this feature. However, this means that you have to use graphic programs like Corel Draw or Photoshop in order to actually condense the images. If you do not do that, you will end up with a much higher size than what could be possible. Although you can use this option, it is usually better to use formats like GIF and PNG whenever possible. They are smaller in size when created properly and when adequate compression is utilized.

Focusing On What Visitors Want

In many situations, business owners are focused on their brand image and will focus on promoting the company as a whole, instead of the services that are offered. With this in mind, modern web design is all about quickly showing your visitors why they need to stay on the site. If you just present your company, especially in the above-the-fold area, you are not gaining much. You have to focus on the services and the information that you present in order to then get people to be interested in your products or services.

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