Want to do Better in Google? Here’s How

If you’ve got a business website or even a blog, you should know how important it is to do well in Google. Google is the main search engine. Other search engines try to live up to Google, or kid themselves and others that they’re just as good, but they aren’t. Let’s be truthful! Doing better in Google is down to many different things. Your site design, how often other people link to you, the amount of visitors you get, etc. So, what exactly can you do to do better in Google? Let’s take a look:


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Have A Great Web Design

A great web design is beneficial in many ways. Not only will it give your customers a better experience, it’ll encourage more visitors to stay on the page. You’ll get more customers and conversions too, which Google usually picks up on and ranks you accordingly. Seven Reasons know all about this, as their customers have experienced it for themselves.

Build Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles are a fantastic way of keeping your audience engaged. They can ask you a question, leave feedback, or even complain any time they like. While this may not sound like a good thing to you, you can get back to them in a timely manner and redeem yourself. The more places you can be found on the web, the more accessible you’re making yourself to your target audience. If people are talking about you all over the world, Google will pick up on it!

Provide a Great Customer Experience

Getting a great ranking in Google is all about providing a fantastic customer experience. Make sure they can browse your site clearly, contact you if they need to, and order products in minutes. A slow site won’t do very well in Google, and if you don’t provide a great customer experience, your site won’t seem very valuable to Google.

Work With a Professional Company

A professional company will be able to take control of your site design, on and off site SEO, PPC, and many other aspects of your marketing strategy. Although you can do it yourself, it won’t be nearly as effective if you’re just starting out learning.

Stay Away From Blackhat Techniques

Some companies use black hat techniques, which are strategies frowned upon by Google to get a higher ranking. These techniques always get thwarted in the end, and you could demolish your entire business because of it. You’d have to start all over again, but worse because you’d need to undo all of the damage you’ve done first. It’s definitely not worth it!

Write Unique, Helpful Content for Your Site and On Other Sites

Writing unique, helpful content shows that you’re an authoritative site to the search engines. It also encourages visitors to keep returning, as well as share your content. Give your content extra oomph by following these tips!

By following the above advice, you’ll see your ranking improve and keep your customers happy and loyal at the same time. You can’t go wrong!

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