4 Ways to Protect Your Company’s On-Site Mobile Devices

Not all companies rely on Bring-Your-Own-Device strategies. Many organizations are allowing employees to use in-house portable technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Unfortunately, due to their small size, these items frequently become the targets of theft, both internally and externally. Your company can prevent these crises by following the four security techniques below.

1. Activate tracking software

Most mobile operating systems have native tracking capabilities. For example, iOS users can switch on the free iCloud system to use Find my iPhone or Find My iPad.

This software allows you to locate missing devices on a digital map from any computer. The same goes for Android users. Just log into the Android Device Manager web portal to locate your device.

If you’re not sure where a device is located, these web apps can help put your mind at ease.


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2. Use passcodes

Passcode locks make a lot of sense for company devices, because they block unauthorized users from getting at data on the gadget. Your company’s trade secrets, client information, internal email, and other sensitive documents can be compromised if unauthorized users gain access to this data.

Your IT department should enforce the use of complex passcodes, which should be changed every few months. That should reduce the likelihood of data leaks if a device is lost or stolen.

3. Have a check-out system

What if you have more than 100 employees who use in excess of 50 in-house mobile devices at any given time? It can be too easy for an employee to take home one of these devices, especially if you don’t have an accountability system in place.

You can prevent the loss of technology that’s been unaccounted for by employing a check-out system. Employees would need to record their names and information about the device, which creates a more accountable set-up.

4. Label the hardware

Mobile devices usually come with a number of accessories, such as chargers and additional cables. You can reduce theft by affixing labels to mobile devices and using shrinkable wire markers to label systems with extra cabling solutions.

Thieves will think twice about stealing gadgets that are labeled with your company’s name, address, and contact information.

On-site mobile devices can be cause for worry among business owners, since they are so vulnerable to loss by theft. You can reduce these risk factors by securing devices with tracking systems and passcodes.

Additionally, employee accountability can be sealed with a check-out system. These tactics can help ensure that mobile devices will continue to serve your company for years to come.

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