Using Digital Signage to Capture Prospect Attention

Today, the average consumer is faced with lots of adverts seeking their attention. The average UK individual is exposed to around 250 ads per day through all the advertising channels used by businesses. This has left most consumers consciously avoiding everyday ads and businesses needing to do much more to gain the attention of prospective consumers.

The old school public space marketing tools like posters and billboards are often ignored these days. They fail to draw the eye or catch the imagination. They are also limited in their appeal, being static content. With the use of LED screens as signage in Houston, it is a good way to help attract prospects for your business

According to Steven, Digital Signage installation expert at Videonations, “Digital signage has to be deployed in certain environments. The technology makes it possible to create content that speaks directly to your prospects irrespective of your kind of business. We are deploying systems a lot in travel, healthcare, hospitality, retail and retail, because the positive effects and return on investment are plain to see.”  Indeed, the versatility and media rich nature of digital signage make it a great way of grabbing prospects attention in today’s consumer climate.


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Adaptable content

A good example of how digital signage can be used to grab the attention of prospects is fast food restaurants. In the past, menus in these restaurants were printed on paper. Technological changes saw the introduction of the crank and rollers that allowed menus to be changed based on meal time.

Advances in display tech, however, have further improved communication between restaurant owners and customers. Today, the menu options and prices displayed can change dynamically based on certain factors, such as product inventory, regional buying habits, time of day, season, parties, and so much more.

Other examples abound in diverse industries but the restaurant example clearly highlights the many benefits. Similar benefits are seen in sectors such as retail, healthcare and education. Instead of having bill boards that simply advertise a business, digital display makes it possible to show new offers regularly from the said business, thereby grabbing the attention of prospects that would ordinarily ignore a static bill board ad.

Also, using digital signage is a fantastic way for creators like fail army channel and manufactures to promote products, services and creations that they’re offering. This is also great for new business to get their name out in the public, and to get new customer interactions.

Use of sensors

Some signage technologies have the ability to determine what message to be displayed based on gender or distance from screen, with the aid of specialised sensors.  These sensors can determine the sex of a passer-by for instance, based on average height, weight, etc. and display gender based information. Alternatively, some of the boards can be positioned to show information to people based on their distance to the boards. For example, an individual in an airport will have different needs as he walks inwards. When furthest away, his focus may be on just weather conditions or time. As he gets closer focus may shift to gate changes or flight cancellations.

Today’s technology makes it possible to deploy such solutions seamlessly into an environment.

Use of Beacons

Digital signage beacons mean businesses don’t have to only rely on consumers looking at a board to get information across. This technology interacts with the consumer’s smartphone and displays information as soon as he or she gets within a certain vicinity. Imagine a woman in a fashion store chatting with a friend about a particular gown, and the signage beacon pushes a notification telling her that she stands the chance of getting a pair of shoes as a gift if she makes a purchase!

Digital screen technology is a great way to set your business apart from the rest in the struggle for consumer attention. The best marketing results are achieved by businesses that understand the importance of social media and print media being used in combination with their display ads.

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