Something For Nothing: Using Tech for Coupons and Free Stuff

There”s a saying that goes that “you can”t get something for nothing,” but that isn”t necessarily true when it comes to certain coupons and free stuff. Maybe you”re not getting something for exactly nothing, but you”re getting something, for some activity that you might have been doing anyway.

Consider, for examples, things like airline miles, coupon websites, online surveys, free entry programs, and reviewing products to get them for free. Each of these involves either a minimal amount of work or simply a knowledge of how to game the system. Want free stuff? Read about the offers below.

Airline Miles

There are lots of times in life when you want to fly somewhere. You want to fly to a vacation, or to a destination wedding, or somewhere for the holidays with your family. And airfare is expensive. But, if you use a credit card to get airline miles, things become quite a bit more reasonable. If you do most of your spending through your credit card, it isn”t too hard to rack up quite a few miles that will help you get to your destination without cutting too much into your bank account.


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Coupon Websites

Hanging out on the internet? Why not look at some coupon websites while you”re at it. These sites either have things to download, print, scan, or that have codes that you can use at other online stores, and you objectively just get money for free. As long as it”s stuff that you”d buy anyway, poking around on the internet doesn”t cost you anything, and can potentially save you a pretty good chunk of change, especially when you figure out which coupon sites have the most things relevant to your shopping habits.

Online Surveys

Another way to get cash or coupons is by using your devices and doing some online surveys. Again, this isn”t necessarily doing nothing, per se, but sitting for a few minutes answering questions about random products or situations and then getting rewarded for it is a pretty sweet deal.

Free Entry Programs

You”ll notice that most contests – like the ones you see on TV ads or on cereal or candy boxes – don”t actually require any sort of purchase. All you have to do is follow the rules for entry, and if you win, you get something for nothing. It might cost you a postage stamp, but beyond that, you”re in it to win it for nothing! To find out what these contests are, you can just use your computer or mobile phone to search for them as well.

Reviewing Products

Another thing to do to get free stuff is to review products. There are tons of people on Amazon who do this for a living. They get sent things in exchange for talking about them. The reviews don”t even have to be positive, though they do have to follow a format. So if you want free stuff, use your computer to find out what it takes to be a reviewer.

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