The Four Aspects of Successful Online Marketing

Often many businesses are overwhelmed with social media. Even those with a surplus of resources cannot manage all of the major social media channels effectively. Facebook advertising is a major undertaking by itself.

A marketing agency will always suggest to focus on one or two channels as it will be a little easier to manage. From there it’s only a matter of building the discipline of doing one thing per channel per day to get results. Social media is just one of four aspects that make up solid online marketing foundation.

An Optimised and Responsive Website

Online marketing will always start with content. So, it’s important that every business’ website is optimised for SEO and is mobile responsive. Besides educating browsers about how your business can help them, the primary purpose of your website is building a list of repeat customers. You must always give them a reason to return to your website.

A Growing Your Email Newsletter Audience

This aspect of your marketing strategy is just as important as having a first class website, if not more. This is the lifeline of your business. It is how you can reach out to potential customers, regardless of what’s happening with your social networks.


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Regularly Published Blog Content

Once you have done all of the above, you now need a place on your website to share your content. You could use your social media channels, but you would be better served by placing said content on your own blog or on high quality blogs through contacting webmasters.
While a newsletter that is sent out through your email database will return some results, there is always the chance that it will never be opened or even deleted straight away. Content on your blog will be there forever and is easily accessible thus increasing your conversion rate.

One or Two Active Social Media Channels

Now that all of the above are in place, it’s now time to choose the best social media networks that will deliver the most effective and successful results. You should be considering such platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Any of these, if used properly, will deliver your business the results you need. An online marketing agency will be able to assist you on which one is best suited to your particular business.

All you need to do is create useful content that serves a purpose for potential customers, then use the right social media platforms to build a customer base that loves it as much as you do.

The final point is to build discipline in a sense that you must be willing to dedicate the time, both daily and weekly, to your strategy that will improve your online marketing. The key is to implement a schedule and sticking with it. A content calendar is ideal when using a strategy such as this.

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