Ultimate Apps To Download During Lockdown 2.0 To Stay Entertained?

With a new lockdown recently announced putting restrictions on majority on non-essential shops and forms of entertainment and many of us now being forced to stay or work at home, we are now looking at ways again to entertain ourselves through this expected short lockdown. This has forced a trend of digital forms of entertainment to increase during this time and therefore we’ve put together a list of best apps to use to attempt to not get bored during this time.


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TikTok has been the app of 2020 regardless of lockdown or not, especially with the astronomical amount of downloads that its reported, and it has been so successful due to its easy and fun interface which allows for hours of fun. This app is a video creating app in which content creators will develop these videos on just about anything and it ensures to keep you entertained. This ease of being able to spend hours on this app without getting bored is one of the reasons why it’s been so successful.

Another way to stay entertained during this lockdown is through the use of online casino sites, especially when looking at Max Casinos. They have been benefitting from the lockdown as many more have been logging onto online casinos due to many using their extra time and disposable income to have a go on these types of casinos and there’s no wonder they are benefitting with the quality of casino they have on offer and the amount of promotional deals they have on for new customers at the moment.

One of the success stories of the first lockdown was that of video-calling app Zoom which allowed for us to be able to catch up with our friends and family during a long-extended period of time in which we went without seeing them. Zoom ensured that we could speak to them weekly, enjoy a quiz or game together or even allow for businesses to use the app to ensure working from home ran smoothly; this success story of Zoom is set to continue during this second lockdown.

And finally, the lockdown also forces us to ensure that we are having to look at our fitness more often than not, and therefore apps like Strava have been able to capitalise from this. This GPS tracked running app is quite easily the best running app on the market and ensures and forces you to run more, attempt to beat your scores, and ultimately get you fit and this is the perfect app for this.


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