Twikster ups the e-commerce ante with its game-changing pricing model

13th May, Bangalore: Twikster, the one-stop-for-your-online-shop, announced the launch of their brand new pricing model, which is in line with their principal philosophy of making things easier for their customers (SMB’s).

The brainchild of Namrata Soni and Priya Ramakrishnan, Twikster appeared on the e-commerce scene in 2014. What started off as a basic platform for small businesses to create their e-stores, has evolved into a sophisticated, solution-driven and user-friendly path to setting up, managing and growing an online business for anyone who is interested in doing so.

Twikster’s operations and services are elegant in their simplicity and accessibility.

“Our goal has always been to make e-commerce affordable and accessible in India. We have wanted that anyone with anything to sell should be able to do so online at the least possible cost. With this in mind, we spent the last few months working closely with our existing and potential customers to discover and learn what they need, what works best for them when it comes to selling online”, says Namrata, co-founder of Twikster.


Most popular e-commerce enablement solutions in India follow a pricing model that forces users to choose a plan and pay a monthly subscription fee for a set of pre-defined features. Often, users have to move to a higher, more expensive plan to get basic support or for just a few features that they may need on their store. And these plans don’t come cheap; some painfully costing as much as Rs.60,000/- to 84,000/- annually. Consequently, this model results in alienating a large section of people and makes it harder for small and medium players to compete fairly.

This is where Twiksters new pricing model is set to give you that edge. Users are liberated from forced monthly subscription fees and bundled features. With Twikster GO anyone can create a “Forever-Free”, feature-packed, mobile-friendly online store at ZERO monthly subscription fee. From there on, users may choose to pay for specific support, services and features when their business demands it or their pocket allows it. It provides a wholesome package in the absence of forced pricing plans and monthly subscription fees.

Should the user decide to upgrade to being a Twikster “Preferred” user, a nominal one-time set up fee of Rs.6999/- and a small annual maintenance fee of Rs.2399/- kicks in. The Preferred user is empowered with end-to-end support to create an e-commerce store, set up on multiple marketplaces, tie up with logistic providers, open merchant accounts with payment gateways and access a host of add-ons that may be purchased as and when required.

And just when you thought it doesn’t get better, you have the option of upgrading further still, to becoming a Twikster Pro user, by signing up for multiple add-ons, which you can pick from a long e-commerce friendly list of Add-Ons, and have the benefit of preferential bulk pricing.

The platform comes with no deterrent hidden costs or monthly subscription fee, which many users find daunting and tedious. It gives them clear-cut options and places control firmly in their hands. The pursuant transparency of this model allows the user to make decisions swiftly and with certainty about what they are getting.

“Our intentions are simple, work towards finding ways to be as transparent as possible in delivering our product and services to the customers. The new pricing model is one such method of ensuring that our customers are able to choose the features based on their needs,” says Priya, co-founder of Twikster.

Twikster continues to strive to be a platform that cuts through all the e-commerce noise; to bring design and development flawlessly together in achieving one central goal – to simplify the running of an online store, across the board – be it iOS/ Android mobile apps, marketplace set-ups, logistics, or payment gateway integrations. This is the cornerstone of Namrata and Priya’s ideology, both of whom are digital product managers with many years of cumulative experience in banking, payments and e-commerce.

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