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Word Press has changed the way businesses are made visible and accessible to the world. It makes the business reach to the masses and help to get an open feedback about the products and services too. If you are using word press, then you are considered in a good company. If not, then hire a dedicated wordpress developer and get started today. There are many reasons to choose word press, but let’s see few vital ones here:

  1. It is the most popular blogging engine:  From fortune 500 companies to famous celebrities and personalities are using word press. Even print media is no exception. It has become the most popular blogging engine of today’s time.
  2. It helps to create a website and design the layout: Designing website for any business house or a famous personality or for that matter for anyone is one of the most common practices and also most important task too. And this important task can be performed with the help of Word Press.
  3. It is the most powerful tool for CMS (Content management system):  Just designing a web page is not the end of the process; in fact it is just a new beginning. As managing the content of web pages is equally important. And Word Press works as one of the most prevailing tool in the market to manage the contents of a web page.
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  5. You can get a free account:  You can get a free account on few websites and try it out in the beginning. And then go for the commercial services through someone who knows all the tricks of this trade.
  6. Option of both blogging and websites:  Some can use Word Press like a blogging site where as some can use it as a website with no option to blog and some even uses a combination of both. So this gives a lot of option to choose from. It can also be a responsive web page.
  7. Choice of number of web pages:  Word Press gives the freedom to the user to decide on how many number of web pages they would like on their web site. They can have just 5 to 6 pages or can even have 200 to 400 pages Word Press with different description.

Word Press is the need of the hour and everyone needs it. It has many fold advantages and is very fruitful for any business house.

Plug ins – An important aspect of blogs

Plugins are small applications that allow you to ad interactive features to your website. Some of the examples of plugins are newsletter signups, contact forms, photo galleries, slide shows of some information or photos, maps (to give the directions of the address), blog subscriptions and even links to social media and many more features like this. Most Word Press sites have 4 or more plugins. Some even have 20 or more on one site, this completely depends on the kind of website it is and what are the contents and how responsive you want to make your website.

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