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Signs should serve a much bigger purpose than to provide simple guidance for visitors to a building. Aesthetic appeal should be a major factor in the design of a sign for any commercial property. During the day and night, a building should be easily identified with a distinct sign near the main entrances and other parts such as the rooftop.

A sign should be illuminated between the evening hours and early morning hours. There are two types of designs that can be applied to commercial signs. Light bulbs can be inserted directly into three dimensional letters and numbers that are used to identify the building. The internal bulbs can be programmed to glow in various colors that may identify a particular brand or theme. The housing of the sign letters and numbers should be made of special transparent glass or plastic that allows enough light to penetrate to the outside. An exterior sign can also be illuminated by an external light source. Lamps and spot lights can be focused directly onto the characters that make up a sign. The letters and numbers should be made of highly reflective material that should be visible in dark conditions.


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The most affordable commercial signs are those used for businesses and residential steel buildings. The graphics and logos of a company or organization are engraved or embossed on a metallic plaque, which is then mounted directly onto an exterior wall. Custom exterior signs may also consist of individual letters and numbers that are carved out to match the exact appearance of a company”s logo on paper or in digital format. Such signs are usually mounted with concealed fasteners for the sake of better aesthetic appeal. After all, large screws and other components can be unsightly above the main entrance to a building. Trying to learn more at is an example of exploring sign installation services from professional companies.

The design process for commercial quality signs starts on a three dimensional computer software program. First, a two dimensional design is applied for the letters and characters. Then the final design can be extruded into a three dimensional shape. The thickness of the characters could be varied on purpose in order to achieve a specific effect. For example, some signs may protrude several feet above a front door to create dramatic visual effects. Rooftop installation of signs is also a great way to make a major statement.

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