8 Social Media Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

Maintaining a pristine social media presence these days is an absolute must for any serious independent real estate agent or real estate marketing agency. With more potential home buyers than ever scouring social media pages, having a clean, effective profile designed with consistent real estate agent templates can make all the difference in securing clients. However, many real estate agents fall for these common mistakes.

1. Being Too Informal or Coming Across as Unprofessional

Since the primary purpose of having a real estate social media page is to advertise your services, being too informal can harm the profile and, consequently, your professional image. This can be a tough line to walk for many agents, since there’s something to be said for creating a down-to-earth image. However, if you regularly post in a highly informal tone, those scrolling by may not consider you truly professional.

2. Not Using Eye-Catching Templates

The importance of good aesthetics on social media cannot be underestimated, especially on sites like Instagram that prioritize visuals. With the right real estate social media templates and a consistently curated aesthetic to help brand your profile, you can make your page stand out.


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3. Making Inappropriate Comments Using Your Agent Account

It’s all too common for some real estate agents to use professional profiles when making personal comments on other accounts. Clients will take notice if you post inappropriate or unprofessional comments using your agent account!

4. Focusing Too Much on Ads or Promotions

Although your page should act as a professional springboard, posting too many promotions can bore followers and drive them away. Instead of putting up ad after ad, try focusing more on organic content, like:

  • Videos of your top home-buying tips
  • Polls and other posts that encourage engagement

5. Ignoring Interested Followers in the Comments

For any social media page to thrive long-term, engaging with followers is essential. If you regularly get comments from your followers but never reply, you could be hurting your image and your chances of getting more engagement in the future.

6. Giving Too Many Details on a Single Listing

Many social media followers like to see some variety, so posting too much about a single listing can be overkill, no matter how nice the property is. Rather than detailing the same place over and over again, try highlighting multiple properties.

7. Posting Too Many Personal Updates

While you may want to connect with potential clients on a more personal level, you don’t want to turn your page into your personal haven for life updates. Too many personal updates can turn followers off and drive them to other, more professionally driven pages.

8. Trying To Handle Your Accounts Without Professional Assistance

Finally, if you’re running your pages alone, remember that it’s ok to hire professional assistance. In fact, delegating your social media accounts to someone else could help you juggle your work more easily and maintain the right tone on your pages.

When potential homebuyers are browsing through social media looking for the ideal real estate agent, having a standout profile page can go a long way. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes the next time you post!

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