Top Tech Tools For Project Management

Your project management team represents the heart and soul of creation and innovation for your business. You want to give your professionals the best chance to cultivate new and useful ideas for your business, and technology is just the medium from which to launch a fresh perspective.

Give your project management team the most useful tools available today, and educate yourself on some of the top software programs on the market.

Here is a brief look at some software tools which have been proven successful by those who have come before you. Consider which pieces of technology will best suit the needs of your business, and start planning today.


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Zoho Projects

Zoho is one of the leading project management tools for its excellent ability to streamline upcoming work and other tasks with just a few clicks. For just about $25 per month, Zoho gives business owners peace of mind.

Some of the most notable features of Zoho include:

  • Easy to navigate file management options
  • Use of Gantt charts for project progress overseers
  • An option for collaboration and communication elements


Workzone provides a central platform aimed towards creating a more controlled and more visible workflow management operation. Workzone is a bit more expensive than other project management tools, but the price reflects the capabilities of the platform.

Some of the most notable features of Workzone include:

  • The program generates detailed reports so the team is always in the know
  • Speeds up communication processes for professionals
  • File sharing, task creation, and to-do list preparation
  • Access limitations and setting for users


Crocagile is one of the simplest platforms for your project management team. The program also has a fun gamification feature to lighten up the work environment along the way and promote creativity.

Mentionable features of Crocagile include:

  • Activity streams, and group chat capabilities
  • Team members can make updates in a central location
  • File sharing, storing, and commenting


Freshdesk gets the stamp of best value for the cost. You get all of the functionality you would expect from a top-rated project management software tool.

Highlightable features of Freshdesk include:

  • Live chat integration with stellar phone support
  • Easily customizable platform
  • Email messaging and self-service portals
  • Fair pricing with a free trial period


Basecamp is on top as one of the most popular project management tool online today. You get all of the basic components of an excellent pm software program with cloud-based capabilities, so nothing has the chance to fall through the digital cracks.

Some notable features of Basecamp include:

  • Endless message boards
  • Scheduling capabilities for project specifics
  • To-do list creation platform
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Affordable yearly pricing options for business owners
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