Top 5 Cyber Tips for your Business

Most of the attacks accomplished in the past are the result of insider’s involvement or mistakes. These days many attackers play psychology to target human mind and gain their trust. This way it becomes easy to tempt someone with malicious links, phone phishing or other forgery strategy and obtain their sensitive credentials.

The common steps involved in providing support to your organisation against the cyber breaches are follow:

Employee Training and Assessment

In phone phishing attempt, attacker behaves like someone you know such as IT support guys, bank employee etc., manipulating you with their reasonable storyline to provide your credentials or other useful information. Sometimes attackers send malicious code link in the email asking you to fill your data or download files attached to that link. Don”t get tempted, its trap.

This is why employee training has become the primary focus of an organisation. All the workers in your company should openly participate in the program including managers and others. They were taught to adopt the effective cybersecurity procedures for their company. The session must ensure your employees that:


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  • Never share account credential details to anyone.
  • Do not click or download any malicious link from their email.
  • Learn the objectives of the organisation and follow the effective strategic policies.
  • Change their password from time to time.
  • Monitor all the sensitive information such as bank and company related works.
  • Become cyber aware and understand how one can compromise their data.
  • Regularly follow and practice safety procedures provided by the company.
  • Update their knowledge by learning from social media platforms.

Data Protection

Data plays the most significant role in the growth of an organisation. Data contains information about companies bank details, customers, leads, pricing, supply and distribution etc., which are the primary building block of a company.

The best way for data safety is achieved by replicating data on a regular basis at multiple safe storage sites for future use. Creating data backup ensures protection in case of any accidental loss of data or any other cyber threat. It allows you to recover data once it is lost.

Strengthening Network Security

Most of the attacks are performed on the world wide web. Only a single minor flaw in your system can get your business towards a colossal loss. Cyber security certification is a must to become cyber aware, you must be committed to safety policies of your company. Implementation of attack prevention and control techniques in your system is necessary to achieve a maximised security for your business.

There are numerous attacks over the internet such as distributed denial of service which floods your system with massive request end up by exhausting server resources, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, malware etc. Hackers use the most advanced and latest technologies to get into your system. You must prepare yourself with well designed and balanced network security.

There are various ways to build very powerful security of your system such as:

  • The first step involved in your safety is tightening firewall of your network. Firewall monitors all the incoming and outgoing server requests. It blocks the fake or unknown requests from entering in your network boundary depending upon the predefined rules in it.
  • Installing antivirus application in your machine offers a high level of security as it detects and removes any malicious program from your device.
  • Implementation of secure sockets layer on transport layer protocol encrypts the data passes over the network.
  • Using Intrusion detection system(IDS) in your network premises monitors anomalies and informs central administrator to acknowledge the attack and halt all the ongoing processes.

Advanced Password Protection

Using weak password credentials for accessing various accounts can put you in big trouble. Hackers these days uses brute force attack technique to get access to your password. The mechanism is simple; they work on guessing probability. So keeping weak and simple password can be replaced by using advanced and robust passwords which must be a mixture of various characters and special notations.

Protect your system by using multilevel security to overcome this password insecurity issue. The two-level or three level authentication implements advanced protection methods such as one-time password, authenticator etc.

Regular Updates

Hackers always try to figure out the minor loophole in the system from where they can hit your system. You can keep your system and software updated with the latest patches. Vendors generally provide these updates as they keep improving their system with latest fixing solutions.

These are the perfect ways to achieve the best level of security in your organisation. Regular assessment and implementation practices build a strong safety pillar resulting in overall organisation growth and success.

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