10 Places Where You Can Download any Type of Document Template for Free

Using online document templates is an easy way for you to get your work done, and you must ensure that you are using a template that you know will be effective. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites currently offering templates for two most popular word processing software, Microsoft office and OpenOffice. Most of these websites are free but few may charge you a fee if you choose to consult your document writing with their professionals. I have shared a list of best websites currently ranking in this field. We will go through with the review of each website along with its pros and cons.

1. TemplatesGo.com

Templatesgo.com is an online document creator where you can create a document in just minutes. This tool simplifies the process of creating formal and legal documents by offering a wide range of documents where you can fill in your information quickly and answer simple questions.

2. Template.net

Template.net is very interesting because it is offering templates not only for Microsoft Office but for Adobe, Corel, WordPress, Drupal and many other applications. You can find a great deal of templates at template.net but most of their templates are not their own creations. They focus on collecting templates from other websites and post them in single place. I am not sure if they have copyright license to every template, but they do have a section where you can file a DMCA. Due to large number of templates, template.net is not good in providing great helping guides. But if you are just looking for templates, not for helping material, template.net is great place to start.

3. Templates.office.com

Office.com makes 1st place in this list because it is the official website of Microsoft® for Office® templates. Microsoft Office® suite is one of the most powerful program in the world that includes a list of applications which enables you to do your office work effectively and efficiently. Microsoft® has published templates of almost every category on this site. You can access these templates for free but to use these templates, you either must have an online Office® license or desktop Office® license.


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  • Official templates of Microsoft Office
  • You can access these templates directly within application


  • Limited number of templates in each category
  • You need to have active subscription to access these templates
  • No helping material on using and customizing a template

3. OpenOffice.com

Open Office is the 2nd most popular word processing software. Best thing about it is, it’s free. It has limited number of applications but covers all basic apps for office. It is bit difficult than Microsoft Office, but as it is free, everyone with limited sources love it. Like Microsoft, it has its own site where you can find a lot of templates supported by OpenOffice. Although it is an opensource application, templates published on their website are not officially uploaded by OpenOffice but by the users.


  • Free software and templates available.


  • Not every template is perfect. You will have to download a bunch of templates until you find one in working order.

4. DocTemplates.net

DocTemplates.net is not officially tied to Microsoft Office. But it provides a lot of templates for Microsoft Office, designed and created by many professionals. You can download these templates for free and without any signup. Doctemplates.net not only provide templates but also the helping guides for the document in subject.


  • Templates are created by professionals
  • You can download templates for free
  • Helping guides are available for every document
  • New templates published on daily basis


  • There are a lot of templates available at doctemplates.net but you may still don’t find few categories at it.
  • No templates for OpenOffice.

5. WordTemplatesOnline.net

WordTemplatesOnline.net is another website that provide templates for Microsoft Office. But its main focus is on providing templates for Microsoft Word. It has covered almost every category of templates related to Microsoft Word. Most of categories are related to business and office work. If you are need templates for business agreement, business letter, resume or business proposal, wordtemplatesonline.net is best place for you.


  • Big collection of templates.
  • You can use it for free.
  • Nice previews of templates so you could read its content before downloading


  • Focus only on Microsoft Word, low in collection for other applications.
  • No templates for OpenOffice.

6. TemplateLab.com

TemplateLab.com feels more like a full lab of nothing but templates and less like a place where you download something to print on a piece of paper. What you really have to do is be sure that you have downloaded every template of related topic as previews are very small and you cannot read a document from its preview. It is offering templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint but you will find that same template is posted multiple times in same page.


  • Good collection of templates for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Offers free downloads.


  • Interface is not very user friendly.
  • Previews are very small.
  • Same template is published multiple times.

7. Dotxes.com

Dotxes.com is one of those template sites based on windows 8 metro style. It is in market from 2012 and offering templates for Microsoft Office products. Previews are good, comprehensive collection of templates are published in each category. Short helping guides are available for each type of template. But if you are looking for in-depth helping guide of a document, Dotxes is not the right place. Downloading process is hustle free, clean and user friendly.

8. DocFormats.com

DocFormats.com is new in market and focusing on providing document formats of every type. Its categories of specialty are letter formats, agreement formats, application formats, notice formats and report sheet formats. You can find great helping guides, related sources, templates and formats of currently available documents. As it was started in early 2017, it does not have a big collection of templates to offer, but it is updating its directory day by day.

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