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Imagine the day when there was no Google, apps, and all those for reference. You have to consider only the raw materials for any reference. Anyway, scenario has changed now. Applications have now become the household term. Talking of the students, they should obviously come out sometimes of the gaming applications. There are plenty of applications available for making student life sleek. Here we present you top 5 of those can be really helpful on your way in a positive manner.

This app is very strict

The biggest challenge for a student life is to control the amount of fun involved. There are plenty of excitements and aspects related in this part of life. Situation gets tough when these aspects pop-up in mind while you are studying. For example, there comes a notification that the trailer of a much anticipated movie has surfaced, and you can’t compromise but watch it wasting some precious moments.

Through the SelfControl application you can block certain sites for a limited time frame. It is here to mention that they never allow you to access those sites within the set time frame even if you shift delete the application.


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You have to get out of the bed

People ignore the alarm mostly because stopping it is quite easy. This app Sleep If You Can understands it well, and set the process through which you will have no other option but to get off the bed and take a snap of the defined zone. Best part is that there is no other way to stop the alarm annoying you.

Deal with other languages in a best way

In student life you frequently come across with situation when you feel wish I was having knowledge of that particular language so that I could refer a book. Understanding a new language is not that difficult when you have Babylon. Through this you can translate over 70 languages over the web. You just need to aware of some vocabulary terms for the best result.

Be responsible

Being crazy about adventure in student life is a pretty common thing. But, you should have those least responsibility to make someone aware of exactly where you are. This application can do the job in a nice way. Through the Circe of 6 applications you stay in regular link with 6 favourite people according to you. There remains a default text all set to be delivered along the destination at any instance within no while.

Enjoy the Exam Time

This is the perfect bundle for a student. The app Exam Time perfectly lives up to the name. Here you can arrange the various aspects of your preparation, make notes over the web, question and answer sets, etc. There are nice tools available for performing the above activities and preparing in the most systematic way for the test.  The application removes all those fear of losing an important note, forgetting to give special focus for a topic. Here you can discuss about a topic with most number of students which is never possible physically. In short, the application makes you feel that the examination preparation time is actually the most enjoyable period than anything else.

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