Three I.T. Services Business Need to be Aware Of

It can be difficult to imagine how we would get through with our daily workflows without access to modern technology, whether that’s through the use of smartphones, tablets or just our trusty PC. Technology is always pushing businesses forward, either by helping them to progress and succeed or due to the threat of making them obsolete. If your career is business-based, then here are three services you really ought to be using:

Enterprise Mobility

Gone is the day when you needed to be at the office to get any work done. Thanks to mobile devices like laptop computers, tablets, and even smartphones it is now possible to complete critical business functions on the go – whether that involves a lengthy train journey to visit a client or during a working lunch. In fact, last year saw a significant rise in mobile usage from small businesses, with a jump of an incredible 11% when compared with usage in 2013. If your business has no experience in software development, consider working with a third-party like Logicalis to create a mobile application that fits your requirements. This could boost your productivity by offering an easier solution to logging customer details for sales executives on the go or keep up with your stock levels while you are out of the office.

Cloud Technology

The power of the cloud has been bandied about by software companies for the last several years and it shows no signs of going away. Put simply, it refers to the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, rather than on a local server or PC. Additionally, because you’re able to connect so many servers across the world, your computing powers are increased immensely; allowing you to complete tasks you could not have handled before.


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One of the ways you are likely to be familiar with cloud technology is through storage solutions. Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own versions that you can utilise as a method of backing up your data and more easily share files with others. Cloud computing for a business can handle similar tasks but on a much larger scale. Aside from the basic offerings, it can also host applications that are not installed on local machines, power online video conferencing solutions, and automate previously time-consuming tasks like accounting.

Maintenance Solutions

Finally, making sure you are prepared for any problems with your equipment is crucial. Not only is your data a valuable asset but any downtime will also have a significant effect on your company’s output. Monitoring services will test your servers every few minutes and send you a message via email or SMS if there are any issues. This is ideal for the times when you are not at the office, such as after working hours. You will no longer be caught unaware that your servers were down all night and none of your customers could access your site. You could also extend this service to handle any updates to your system. This can be done at non-peak hours so that it does not overload the servers or cause any problems.

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