How to Dominate the Competition with Innovative Display

If you’re looking for ways on how to really stand out at your next tradeshow, think about your display. An eye-catching booth will make all the difference on how people respond to your products, and it is a great way to have an edge over the competition. With thousands of different booths showcasing their products or services, you want to stand out in the consumer’s mind, and provide an experience they won’t forget, in a space where there is already a high chance of that. Here are some ways on how to dominate the competition using innovative display.

What is Display Booth Marketing?

For those unfamiliar with it, display booth marketing is any type of display or design that communicates your brand’s identity and intent. Some ways in which this is accomplished is through pop-up displays, which consist of lightweight folding frames that are covered with magnetic-backed fabric, vinyl or plastic panels. They create curved or angled walls, giving your booth a professional look.

Panel displays are also popular. These are a more flexible option, as fabric-covered rectangular sections are connected together to make a faux wall, making it easily adaptable to varying booth sizes and placements.

Tabletop displays are very common as they are inexpensive and very easy to set up. As the name suggests, they sit on top of a table, and can display graphs or headlines in an eye-catching way. Typically used for smaller events and shows, these are very flexible and easy to handle.

Pull-up displays are another lightweight option, and will bring your booth to the next level. Functioning like a window shade or a projector screen, these displays can showcase your product line and present information in an obvious way.

Some other ways in which you can achieve strong booth marketing to reel in those customers is by using taglines, and trade show furniture that passers-by can see clearly is helpful. Attendees don’t have much time to stop at every booth at the show, so a strong and catchy tagline, with bespoke furniture designed and built for your exhibit, can help reel them in if effectively displayed.

Integrating technology into all aspects of the above-mentioned displays will keep you fresh, innovative and engaging. You can use your backdrops as screens, incorporate interactive games and surveys, or combine information panels with a short video.

With all the display booth options available, it can get exciting to choose them all. But beware of overwhelm. Your customers will already be feeling overly stimulated with the hundreds of other booths at the show, so going overboard will only cause them to walk away. Choose one main thing for them to remember, and it’ll be far more effective. It’s also important to keep your trade show booth design consistent with your brand identity and aesthetic, as conflicting visuals may confuse the consumer. If you are a company all about natural products, wood, and things sourced from nature, having a display with flashy lights and sleek looking screens might not fit well. Choose your display based on what works for you.


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Why Should You Create Innovative Displays?

When crammed in a small space with all your competitors, being innovative and unique will help you win over your customers, existing and new. Seeing as first impressions are usually always correct, you want your consumer to feel great about you and your business from the get go. There’s nothing stopping them from choosing a competitor, so form those strong relationships right away, by investing in innovative booth marketing. People like to see that a company has taken the time and effort to create an experience for the client, so instilling trust, and piquing curiosity is key.

Trade show booth design, when done right is a great way to extend your reach. You might just be one or two people in your booth. If you are both talking to customers, there’s nothing stopping others from walking away and seeking out your competitors, rather than waiting to speak with you. Having innovative design in your booth might help waiting customers learn about your products on their own. Use interactive technology to engage clients, and give away stickers, wearables, light-up trinkets, etc., to entice them into coming to your booth and sticking around.

There’s no doubt that incorporating innovative display into your tradeshow booth will entice, engage and capture your clients. No matter the size of your booth, there are customizable options available, and many that will fit with your brand. Gain that desired edge over your competitors with innovative display.

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